How to use Didi Dache app to hail a taxi in Xiamen

Updated: 23 Feb 2014
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Flailing arms and mad dashes across the street in an effort to flag down a taxi have become an ever-increasing sight in Chinese cities including Xiamen, making mobile taxi-hailing applications ever more popular.

In the midst of taxi reform, smartphone booking apps like Didi Dache ( 嘀嘀打车) and Kuaidi Dache (快的打车) have become popular in the market recently.

The two Chinese taxi booking mobile apps for smartphones have been heating up their battle backed by internet giants Tencent and Alipay.

Didi, indicates the beep of a car, is working with Tencent's WeChat, while Kuaidi, meaning to find a taxi swiftly, has joined hands with Alipay as payment methods. 
They are now both applying financial means to attract users and drivers: They will give promotion fees to taxi drivers for each deal made, and also save 5yuan ($1.65) for each taxi passenger, when a customer take a taxi through the app and paid the fare through the mobile payment method. 
On Feb. 18th, 2014, Didi Dache announced that passengers would now receive between 12 yuan and 20 yuan (US $1.97 and US $3.284) per trip (3 trips a day). Kuaidi Dache followed suit to offer a subsidy of at least 13 yuan (US $2.134) per trip (2 trips a day).
Didi requires the customers connect their bank cards with WeChat account and then 12 yuan to 20 yuan will be deducted directly from the fare, and the taxi drivers will get another 10 yuan. WeChat is a mobile comprehensive service platform by Internet giant Tencent offering communication, shopping, payment, and game, etc.

Kuaidi needs the users Alipay account and will return 13 yuan back to the payment account, and the money will be available in 3 days for withdraw or consumptions, and the drivers will receive 15 yuan. Alipay is a mobile payments platform rolled out by e-commerce giant Alibaba.  

Didi Dache App
How to use Didi Dache - Step by step screenshot guide 
Didi Dache has no English version yet, so you must know a little Chinese to use this app or you can follow this screenshot guide to learn how to use this app.
1. Download Didi Dache App
Search Didi Dache App (嘀嘀打车) in App Store or Google Play. Didi Dache is free to download for both the iPhone and Android.
Select 'Install' button
2. Share your location  

Select 'yes' to share your location. During use your current location will be updated automatically. You can switch off this feature at any time.
3. Verify your mobile phone number

Select "More" to enter the page below to verify your mobile phone number so that the taxi driver can contact you.

Insert your mobile number
Press "Submit" button to request verification number. After hitting button, it displays remaining seconds you have to enter the verification numer.
Insert the verification number which you have received via SMS
Press "Start" button
4. Call a taxi - Start Page

 Select "Call a taxi now", if you are in an urgent situation and need a taxi as soon as possible. Continue with Step 5 if you select "Call taxi now".
 Select "Reserve a taxi", if you want to reserve a taxi or if you are not in an urgent situation and able to wait for the taxi more than 30 minutes. Continue with Step 7 if you select 'Reserve taxi'.
5. Call a taxi now
Select the "Keyboard" icon to type in your destination in Chinese or you can pressto tell the taxi driver where you are and where you want to go . This tab is voice controlled, so you must speak Mandarin.
6. Wait for an answer
Status: The signal has been sent to 196 taxi drivers, please wait with patient.
After you have sent your request, wait for an answer of a taxi driver.
In case of a positive respond the application will send you the name, telephone number and number plate of the taxi driver. The taxi driver will call you if he/she has accepted your request.
7.  Reserve a Taxi
Insert the time when you need the taxi and press "finish" button
Insert your start location
Insert your destination
Choose one of the four options for tip, which goes straight to the taxi driver: RMB 0, RMB 5, RMB 10, and RMB 20. 
Press "send"
Word of warning: Don't stand the driver up, or there's a large chance you won't be able to use the app again unless you change your number. If you're worried about Didi Dache's effectiveness, it's really all relative to where you are and when. Certainly plenty of drivers are using the app. Already, more than 3,000 Xiamen taxi drivers have Didi Dache in their phones.
8. How to pay the taxi fare with Wechat's in-app payment service to save you 12 yuan - 20 yuan per trip!
Firstly, you have to download the WeChat App to your mobile phone, the latest version is WeChat 5.2. However, the international version currently doesn't support linking bank cards, it is recommended that you download the Chinese version of Wechat and then change the language settings to English.  Follow these steps to change the language settings: 

Click to enlarge
Press the "My Bank Cards" button under the "Me" section, an option to link a bank card appears. Follow the steps to link your bank card to your WeChat account. It allows you to link more than 1 bank cards. 
After a driver accepts your offer, you notify the app that you're in the vehicle, and proceeds to confirm the monetary transaction through WeChat Payments. 
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