Timetable of shuttle buses to Tesco in Wuyuan Bay

Updated: 18 Mar 2014
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Located on the underground floor of the Lifespace Shopping Center in Wuyuan Bay, the Tesco supermarket covers a building area of 14,408 square meters, aiming to offer one-stop service for Xiamen shoppers, and is believed to become Tesco's flagship store in Southeast China.

The Tesco store can be quickly reached by shuttle buses, which depart to and from the supermarket almost hourly.

Timetable of shuttle buses to Tesco Supermarket in Wuyuan Bay:
1. Taigu Sushe Line (太古宿舍线)
Xiamen Shuangshi High School East Stop (双十中学东站)- Xiamen Shuangshi High School Stop (双十中学站)- Xiamen Shuangshi High School West Stop (双十中学西站)- Heshan Police Station Stop (禾山派出所站)- Shangzhong Community Stop (尚忠社站)- Banshang Community Stop (坂尚社站)- Taihu Stop (太湖站)- Linhou Community Stop (林后社站)- Taigu Sushe Stop (太古宿舍站)
2. Xianglu Flower City Line (翔鹭花城线)
Jinhu Road Stop (金湖路站)- Fanghu West Road Stop (枋湖西路站)- Fanghu Cunkou Stop (枋湖村口站)- Wutong Stop (梧桐站)- Andou Stop (安兜站)- Xiaodongshan Village Stop (小东山村站)- Xiaodongshan Cunkou Stop (小东山村口站)- Malong Stop (马垅站)- Dianqian Stop (殿前站)- Xianglu Flower City Stop (翔鹭花城站)
3. Tapu-Gaolin Line (塔埔高林线)
Gaolin Community Stop (高林社区站)- Tianli Village (田里村站)- Gaolin Stop (高林站)- Gaolin Residential Area Stop (高林居住区)- Tapu Community Stop (塔埔小区站)
4. Jinshan Line (金山环线)
Jinshan Community Stop (金山小区站)- Guoji Shanzhuang Stop (国际山庄)- Jinshan Xili Stop (金山西里站)- Xiangcuo Stop (祥厝站)- Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Northwest Stop (中医院北西站)- Guomao Yangguang Stop (国贸阳光站)- Jinshan Community Stop (金山小区站)
5. Jinshang Line (金尚环线)
Mucuo East Stop (穆厝东站)- No. 2 Social Welfare House Stop (第二福利院站)- Jinshan Garden Stop (金山花园站)- Qiankeng Stop (前坑站)- Xiangdian Stop (祥店站)- Jinshang Community West Stop (金尚小区西站)- Jinshang Community Stop (金尚小区站)- Jinshang Middle School Stop (金尚中学站)- Zhongfu Garden Stop (中孚花园站)- Jinshan Xili Stop (金山西里站)-Guoji Shanzhuang Stop (国际山庄站)
6. Sunlight Apartment Line (阳光公寓线)
Zhongzhai Cunkou Stop (钟宅村口站)- Hongxing Meikailong Stop (红星美凯龙站)- Zhongzhai Xincun Stop (钟宅新村站)- Lianfa Wuyuan Yihao Stop (联发五缘一号站)- Sunlight Apartment Stop (阳光公寓站)
7. Jimei Longzhouchi Line (集美龙舟池线)
Jimei University Bay (集美大学湾)- Central Garden Stop (中心花园站)- Normal College Stop (师范学院站)- Jimei Local Tax Stop (集美地税站)- Institute of Finance and Economics Stop (财经学院站)- Shigu Road Stop (石鼓路站)- Jimei Longzhouchi Stop (集美龙舟池站)

Apart from shuttle buses, you can also take bus No. 856, 85, L16, 757, 49, 18 or 947, and get off at Shizheng Fuwu Zhongxin Stop (市政服务中心站); OR take BRT Line 1 or 2 and get off at Shizheng Fuwu Zhongxin Stop.
SOURCE: WOX Info by Jane
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