A guide to Xiamen's new commercial center Huli Wanda Plaza

Updated: 01 Apr 2013
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The rendering of the Huli Wanda Plaza
The plaza opened on 2nd September 2011
Situated in the east of Xiamen Island, the Xiamen Huli Wanda Plaza, which opened on 2nd September, 2011, has secured its position as one of the six major commercial centers on Xiamen Island, thanks to its large shopping mall, five-star hotel, 4 SOHO apartments, 5A office buildings, high-end residential communities and favourable location.
The other five major commercial centers on Xiamen Island are Zhongshan Road (中山路商圈), Fushan area (富山商圈), SM area (SM 商圈), Ruijing area (瑞景商圈) and Hexiang area (禾祥商圈)
Covering a floor area of 530,000 square meters, the plaza is close to the cross-straits financial center, and only 3km away from Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Centre, Guanyinshan business area and Wuyuanwan business area, with a national level software park to its south and Hubian Reservoir to the west. It also boasts wonderful neighbours, including Wuyuanwan Wetland Park, Xiajin Bay Resort, Guanyinshan Commercial Pedestrian Street, Xiangshan International Yacht Marina and the International Olympic Tennis Centre.
The 5-storey plaza blends shopping, dining and recreation with great facilities. It has seven main anchor stores, namely Van’s Dept. Store, Wanda International Cinema, Superstar KTV, Super Player Park, GOME, Wal-Mart and GuoHui Restaurant.
Xiamen will be home to two Wanda plazas, with one in Huli District and one in Jimei District, and the latter is expected to open its doors in June this year.
The 7 main anchor stores
* Van’s Dept. Store
Founded on 8th May, 2007, the Van’s Dept. Store, which recently changed its name to Wanda Dept. Store in 2012, is one of the five main pillars for Wanda Group, which engages in commercial real estate, wine selling, cinemas and holiday resorts. So far, the group has 76 department stores nationwide, and it plans to increase that number to 150 by 2015. It aims to become the best department store chain in China.

Location: 1 to 3 F
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
* Wanda International Cinema
The Xiamen Huli Wanda International Cinema is the first IMAX cinema in Xiamen, and the 29th in China. It has 13 luxury screens including a super-luxury VIP screen and an IMAX screen, and total seating capacity for more than 2,000 people.
It offers half-price tickets for 2D and 3D movies on Tuesdays (VIP and IMAX screens excluded), and a 30% discount for moviegoers on IMAX movies on Tuesdays.
Location: 4F
Opening hours: 10:00-24:00
Consulting Phone: 05 92-2366999
* Superstar KTV  
Wanda Superstar is the largest all-inclusive KTV Center franchise in China with each branch boasting multiple rooms with its own karaoke equipment. Covering an area of 3,000 square meters, the Superstar KTV in Huli Wanda Plaza has different-sized rooms, including a presidential room, business room, VIP room and wholesale room, to accommodate parties of any size.
Location: 3F
Opening hours: 10:00-06:00
Consulting phone: 0592-8656666
* Super Player
Super Player is an entertainment venue whose motto is “healthy, stylish, vigorous and sunny” and which highlights green amusement arcades that can transform and invigorate the traditional electronic game industry. There are various video games, breathtaking virtual car racing, exciting roller skating and many more fun activities on hand for you to explore.
Location: 3F
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
GOME, China’s largest electrical appliances retailer, located in Huli Wanda Plaza spans 4,000 square meters, offering a large variety of household appliances.
Location: 1F
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
* Wal-Mart
The International retail brand Wal-Mart is located on floor -1. The retail giant promotes its one-stop service with the motto “Save Money, Live Better”.
Location: B1
Opening hours: 08:00-22:00
* GuoHui Restaurant
This is Fuzhou’s most famous restaurant, which mainly serves Fujianese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. Its signature dishes are shark fin, abalone and bird’s nest, which are prepared by celebrated Hong Kong chefs.
It opened its first Xiamen store in the Huli Wanda Plaza. With an enchanting ambience, delicate food and top-quality service, it is a perfect place for wedding banquets, business receptions and private gatherings.
Location: 4-5F
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Main entertainment venues in the plaza
1F: Elegant Vogue
The first floor, with shops meriting its description as “Elegant Vogue”, is where many international fashion brands are located, including ZARA, CK, GUESS and MANGO.

2F: Ultimate Charm
The second floor is described as “Ultimate Charm”, and also houses many famous brands, including H&M, UNIQLO, SASA, DQ, GXG, IORI, JACK&JOHNS, SELECTED, I DO and ESPRIT.

B1: Wal-Mart
Nearly all your basic necessities and much more besides can be found on the first underground floor ( -1), where the retail giant is located.
The third floor is great fun and will slow your pace down with its delectable culinary offerings and exciting games. A large selection of food can be found here, including steaks, hot pot, lamen and snacks. If you’re a fan of Starbucks, then you can head to the 2nd floor after a 3rd floor feast. You’ll also find a McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut on the first floor.
3F: Superstar KTV
      Super Player Park
4F: Huli Wanda International Cinema
Geographic advantage

Located at the intersection of two major roads, Xianyue Road and Jinshan Road, it is just 5km from downtown Xiamen, 4.5km away from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, and 2km from Xiang’an Tunnel, China’s first undersea tunnel, which links Xiamen Island and Xiang’an District.
Add: No.4666, Xianyue Road, Wanda Plaza, Huli District, Xiamen.
Customer service hotline: 0592-6776666
How to get there:
Take bus No.6/128/103/757/780, and get off at Wanda Bei Stop (万达北站),
Or take bus No.24/102/46/18/105/656, and get off at Wanda Xi Stop (万达西站),
Or take bus No. 24/754/Wanda Zhuanxian (Wanda special line), and get off at Wanda Stop (万达站).
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A guide to Xiamen's new commercial center Huli Wanda Plaza

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