WOX Monthly Focus for April 2014 - Jiangtou area

Updated: 01 Apr 2014
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This month (April 2014), WOX has chosen the Jiangtou area to collect and write news and informational articles about, to explain its various attractions and provide useful information to help you plan future visits 
Once a small village, the Jiangtou area in Huli District has developed into an important business hub in Xiamen over the years.

Located in thegeometric center of Xiamen Island, the area is a business hub linking Xiamen Island and the mainland districts via Xiamen Bridge, Xinglin Bridge and Jimei Bridge.

The Jiangtou area covers an approximate area of 4 square kilometers, with numerous restaurants and shops, a building material market, a financial and telecom street, star-rated hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, well-established residential communities and Jiangtou Park. The commercial, telecom and catering industries are the main drives for the economy of the Jiangtou area. 
The Rainbow shopping mall, Sheraton Xiamen Hotel,  Jiangtou Park are one of the landmarks in this area.
The Jiangtou area, together with the adjacent Lianban area and Lianhua area, has formed a ‘Golden Fortune Zone’ along Jiahe Road in Xiamen. 
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