Entertainment facilities in Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza

Updated: 23 May 2014
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The Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza exists in fine balance between Hawaii and Chinese ambiance.
Dubbed as the “Parlour” in the western part of Xiamen, the Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza, which opened its doors in 2011, is among the the must-visit places while touring around the Haicang District of Xiamen, which is home to many scenic and leisure spots, such as Tianzhushan National Forest Park, Qingjiao Ciji Temple and Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort.

There are many fun things for visitors to try out during their visit to this stylish shopping mall, which is designed by the American architecture company LLA and covers a construction area of 100,000sqm. Adjacent to Haicang Lake, this shopping mall integrates functions of shopping, dining and superb entertainment.

Here are some entertainment options for visitors
Premium movie time at Monroe Opera Cinema
The Monroe Opera Cinema is one of the six main anchor stores in Aluohai City Plaza, offering superb movie times in its 9 deluxe halls with over 1,200 seats. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, the European style cinema has profound elements similar to an opera house.

The cinema has 4 normal halls, a 480-seat giant-screen hall, a family hall, two lover’s halls and a VIP lover’s hall, offering many options for moviegoers for a unique and wonderful experience at the cinema.

Tel: 0592—8308888
Tickets: Normal Hall: RMB 30/person
             Giant-Screen Hall: RMB 100/person
             Lover’s Hall: RMB 70 for two
Reading at China's tallest bookstore
With the bookshelves standing at 9m tall, and readers needing the help of a movable ladder to get books on the top of shelves, Zhi De Shi Dai, or Times of Paper Bookstore, in Too Aluohai City Plaza is the tallest bookstore in China.

Located on the 2nd floor on the Wal-Mart side of the Too Aluohai City Plaza, the ‘L-shaped’ bookstore is nicely decorated, warmly illuminated and well filled with books mostly in the humanities, social sciences, literature, arts and design.

On the side facing the lake, there is a row of wooden chairs and desks against the tall French windows where readers can sit comfortably in the chairs with a book and take a break while appreciating the picturesque lake and ocean afar through the windows, or just listen to the light music after tiring of reading their book.

The bookstore offers free Wi-Fi service, and there is a café bar in the bookstore that serves tea, coffee, bread and tasty snacks. The bookstore also sells books at extremely low prices, matching the prices on, China's biggest online bookseller famous for selling books at big discounts.

Add: B263-268, Too Aluohai City Plaza, No. 60-80 Binhubei Er Lu, Haicang District, Xiamen
Operating hours: 12:00 - 24:00 (Monday to Friday) 10:00 – 24:00 (Saturday, Sunday)
Phone numbers: 0592-6895100
Cycling along Haicang Lake
Xiamen’s first public-bike sharing system was launched in Haicang District in September in 2013, with 4 stops, 200 bicycles and more than 20 km of cycle tracks along the coastal Haicang Avenue and beautiful Haicang Lake.

To use the bicycle-sharing system, you need to apply for a specially-designed public bicycle e-tong card with your ID card, passport, social security card or other ID document. The card requires a 430 Yuan deposit plus a 50 Yuan minimum for your first charge. So you need to prepare a total of 480 Yuan for the card.

4 stops that accept card applications: California Coast stop (加州海岸), Aluohai City Plaza stop (阿罗海城市广场站), Zhongjun Tianfeng stop (中骏天峰站) and Zhongjun Haian Yihao stop (中骏海岸一号站).
Haicang Public Bike-sharing System
Operator: Haicang Urban Construction Group
Contact numbers: 0592-6880628 6880625
Bike stop working hours: 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
Family fun time at children's centers
According to a recent survey conducted by, parents in Xiamen still struggle when considering a wonderful family time with their children due to the lack of children's playgrounds with creative services and facilities. There are two more good options for parents to add to their list for fun parent-child time.

* "Little Giant” Career Experience Center for Children
The center is divided into four areas, namely 2046 City, Ancient Area, Future Area and Amsterdam, which allows children to play different roles, such as firefighters, policemen, air stewards, bakers, nurses and more. The center offers uniforms for the children to make the career experience more interesting and expressive.

Children can learn basic skills for daily life and can learn about team spirit and history and have an experience of an exotic Holland ambience.

Address: 3 F, A301, TOO Aluohai City Plaza, Haicang District
Tel: 0592-6890917; 0592-6890915
Business hours: 9:00-21:00 (on weekends the centre is closed from 12:30-14:00)

* A Ou Animal Kingdom
Covering an area of over 3,500 square meters, this animal-themed indoor children's playground is decorated with vivid animal statues, such as pandas, lions, camels, monkeys, and rhinos.

There are many entertainment facilities for children to choose from, including a mini roller coaster and pirate ships. Children can also choose to read at the reading room in the center.

Address: 2F, A207-A286, TOO Aluohai City Plaza, Haicang District
Tel: 0592-6890902
Business hours:
12:00-21:30 (Monday-Thursday)
12:00-22:00 (Friday)
09:00-22:00 (Saturday)

About Haicang TOO Aluohai City Plaza
Binhu Bei Road, Haicang District (in the vicinity of the Haicang District government building)
Business hours: 10:00—22:00
How to get there by bus:
Take bus No. 801, 805, 834, 835, 836, 837, 842, 846, 850, 852, 880, 883, 890, or 892 and get off at Too Aluohai City Plaza stop (阿罗海城市广场站) or Haicang Guoshui stop (海沧国税站).

SOURCE: WOX Info by Sanmao Lin
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