Shell Dream World on Gulangyu Island

Updated: 18 Sep 2014
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The Shell Dream World, which consists of a Shell Museum and a Shell Town on Gulangyu Island, is slated to officially open its doors on October 1st with a National Day carnival.
The air raid shelter-turned shell world, covering an area of over 2,100 square meters, was designed by a top designing team from Italy. With an investment of 2 billion yuan from Xiamen Ruichenghua Investment Management Co., Ltd, it is the first entertainment venue in China that goes deep underground.
The new tourist attraction on Gulangyu Island started trial operations in August this year, and has been impressing visitors since with its 4 distinct features, explained below:
China’s first underground cave world
The Shell Dream World is built out of an extension of a natural cave, with a length of over 260 meters. Staying true to the natural landscape of the cave, the designing team added mysterious and interesting elements to the shell world.
World’s largest Shell Museum
As of now, there are more than 6,800 species of shells from all over the world in the museum, including from America, Australia and Southeast Asian countries, among which only about 100 species can be found in the sea area around Xiamen and 50 species of them are among the world’s top 50 rarest shells.
Some are gorgeous, some are cute, some are characteristic, but every shell has its own story.
World-class technology support
It is full of innocence. Ten virtual aboriginal characters live a happy life there under the lead of Bei Xiaojian, who is another virtual character who acts as a housekeeper. They are curious about our world, they use different ways to welcome all the guests, and some of them may play hide and seek with you while others may imitate celebrities to win your smile.
It is full of fantasy. Under the support of world-class Holographic Imaging Technology, visitors can not only have close contact with the beautiful mermaid from Denmark, but also interact with her.
Largest entertainment venue on Gulangyu Island
There are nearly 20 entertainment projects along the 260-meters-long shell world. You can walk through a single-plank bridge which looks like a time tunnel; you can find yourself in a room which all things are lean to an angle of 45 degrees; you can touch a naturally formed shell wall; most importantly, with the holographic imaging technology, you can walk through a virtual skyfall tunnel in which you will see a 30 meter long whale and an 18 meter long octopus slowly swimming above your head - all these make you feel like you are exploring the ocean.
Shell Dream World
Address: No. 5, Gusheng Road, Gulangyu Island
Tel: 0592-2066851
Ticket: RMB 98/person (40 yuan off by purchasing tickets online)
SOURCE: WOX Info by Sanmao Lin
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