Add some joy to your life at Super Star KTV in Huli Wanda Plaza

Updated: 26 Mar 2013
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For many people nowadays, a KTV (Karaoke TV) is simply the best place to gather with friends on birthdays, engagements, other special occasions, or just a good time hanging out with good pals. With the increasing demand for quality KTV services in Xiamen, Huli Wanda Plaza has now opened a Super Star KTV where people can go to sing and have fun on the third floor.
Super Star KTV in Huli Wanda Plaza is fully licensed and open seven days a week. With a gross area of more than 3,000 square meters, its private rooms vary in size, accommodating between 4 to 25 people each and they are equipped with touch-screen monitors and quality karaoke sound systems. With a huge selection of 100,000+ karaoke songs (in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and more.), you are sure to find your favourite tracks.
On its dance floor/party area, disco lights, mirror balls, sound and video systems with different genres such as Cha Cha and Jazz are available for you to dance to while your friends sing their favourite hits. For celebrations, social events, competitions, or just a fantastic night out with your friends and family, the Super Star KTV is sure to impress.

So, do you feel exhausted by all your responsibilities? Do you often feel stressed? If so, have a break and go Super Star KTV with your friends today. It’s guaranteed to add some spice to your life while giving you the perfect opportunity to de-stress.

Add: 3F, Wanda Plaza (entertainment building), No.4666 Xianyue Road, Huli District, Xiamen/厦门市湖里区仙岳路4666号万达广场娱乐楼三层
Tel: 0592-8656666
How to get there:
Take bus No.18/24/103/105/128/658, then get off at Hubian Huayuan Station (湖边花园站) 
SOURCE: WOX Info by Jane Ruan
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