WOX Mthly Focus(April) - Haiwan Park/Int'l Cruise Terminal area

Updated: 01 Apr 2013
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Explore Xiamen’s most poplar areas with WOX for dining, shopping, entertainment, and more!

This month (April 2013), WOX will pick the Haiwan Park, Dongdu Port and Xiamen International Cruise Terminal area to collect and write news and information articles to show various aspects and provide useful information of these two areas for you to read, use and visiting reference.

Haiwan Park 
Haiwan Park Haiwan Park
Haiwan Park is the largest urban park in Xiamen
As the largest urban park in Xiamen, Haiwan Park opened to the public in 2006. Haiwan Park is located on the west side of Hubin Xilu and between the west Xiamen waters and Yundang Lake. 
Covering an area of 200,100 square meters, Haiwan Park enjoys a beautiful panoramic sea view. The view sweeps over the bay with Haicang Bridge on the right and Gulangyu island on the left.

There are a row of exotic bars, discos, cafés, restaurants, and pubs by the seaside which are always crowded with energetic young people and thrill seekers.
As a large comprehensive and multi-purposes park with tourism, leisure, recreation functions, booze and dances, Haiwan Park has become a shining 24hour city card of Xiamen. 
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Dongdu Port 
Dongdu Port
A bird's eye view of Dongdu Port in Xiamen
Dongdu port is one of the six areas of Xiamen Port. The Port of Xiamen is an important deep water port located in the mouth of the Jiulongjiang River. It is one of the trunk line ports in the Asia-Pacific region. It is ranked the 8th largest container port in China, and ranks 30th among the world's top 100. 
The world's top 20 shipping companies have all established major shipping routes and operations in Xiamen. A total of 68 shipping routes serve over 50 countries to almost all the major ports in the world, yielding an average 469 ship calls at the port each month. In addition, passenger services also operate from Xiamen to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Wenzhou, as well as frequent ferry service to the Shuitou terminal in Kinmen Island (R.O.C.). 

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Xiamen International Cruise Terminal  
 Xiamen International Cruise Terminal
Xiamen International Cruise Terminal
Xiamen is powering ahead with its plans to become an international cruise home port in southeast China. According to the Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, luxury cruise ships called at the Xiamen International Cruise Terminal on 46 occasions in 2012, carrying more than 25,000 passengers. 
Legend of the Seas, a Vision Class cruise ship owned by the Royal Caribbean line, has made Xiamen its home port and launched 7 cruise routes to classic tourist destination ports in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other places.
Apart from the Legend of the Seas, five luxury cruise ships including Bermuda-flagged "Voyages of Discovery", Japan-flagged "Auska II" and Royal Caribbean Cruises' "Voyager of the Seas" paid a visit to Xiamen for the first time in 2012.
According to the Xiamen International Cruise Terminal, 17 cruise liners are expected to berth in Xiamen in 2013. 
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WOX Map 
Please stay tuned and follow our WOX editorial team for more specific infomation in these areas! 
Customs services remain available in Dongdu port during Qingming Festival  
Cruise industry on a roll at Xiamen International Cruise Terminal 
Five jailed for stealing pedestrians' handbags in Lundu, Haiwan Park  
Tourists call for food and beverage outlets in Haiwan Park 
Xiamen ports incl Int'l Cruise Terminal on high alert against H7N9 bird flu 
KK Disco Club Xiamen in Haiwan Park expected to reopen in June  
Street vendors rampant in Haiwan Park, citizens call for legitimate outlets 
Early spring in Xiamen Haiwan Park 
Outdoor concert 'Concert on the Grass' in Haiwan Park on Apr 21 
Enjoy a stunning nighttime spectacle in Xiamen's Haiwan Park 
Getting to know COSCO Star: the Xiamen - Taiwan ferry  
A look inside COSCO Star, the ferry between Xiamen and Taiwan
Explore leisure fishing tour from Haiwan Park in Xiamen 
Dongdu Road tops Xiamen's top 10 congested roads in April
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