Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe

Updated: 21 Mar 2007
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The troupe was founded on October 5, 1993 as the first professional folk dance troupe in China. Her predecessor is a professional experiment class of Beijing Dance Academy based in Xiamen and jointly established by Xiamen special economic zone and Beijing Dance Academy.


Featuring the exotic dance art of Chinese ethnical minority groups and characterized by the unique Minnan (South Fujian) culture, the troupe has won great fame and honors at national level competitions and performances.


The troupe’s performance won " gold rose award " and ranked the first in Shenyang international Yangge Festival dance competition; Group dancing " The Orient Is Red" was awarded a silver medal in the first national " lotus award " dance competition by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in June, 1998; At the fourth national dancing match, Yuan Lirong won first prize, Lin NaiZhen won outstanding performance award. Five dances from the troupe entered the final competition: Pas de deux "Bird-lets", group dances "Streaming Water", "On the Other Side of the Sea", "Sacrifice Ceremony of Wa" and "Extol A-li-lang".


In addition, Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe was invited to participate in Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival Song and Dance Evening Party held by Ministry of Culture and CCTV for many times. Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe was also sent by Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries to perform in Moscow in July, 2001. Their excellent performance in Moscow won the highest honor medal --" commemorative medal of Sino-Russia friendship ".


Being a distinguished name card of Xiamen, it has paid visits to America, Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand, Russia and other countries and districts. It enjoys great prestige home and abroad.



Address: Huaxia Vocational Village, Zeng Cuo An, Xiamen China.

Tel: 0592—2510376

Fax: 0592—2510391, 2518009

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