Enjoy a fantastic movie experience at Mingfa Commercial Plaza

Updated: 25 Jun 2013
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The Mingfa Commercial Plaza
Completed in 2007, the Mingfa Commercial Plaza offers a great number of entertainment activities including shopping, singing, movies, billiards and archery. It currently has 13 entertainment venues. WOX has selected three places for your reference to have a wonderful movie experience in the area.
★ Jinyi International Cinemas 
Located on the 3rd floor in the C Area of Mingfa Commercial Plaza, the cinema, regarded as one of the very best cinemas in Xiamen, boasts top-notch movie projection technology, cutting-edge audio systems and high-quality service.
It covers a floor area of about 6,000 square meters. It has six luxury movie halls and a VIP hall, with a seating capacity of close to 1800. Built to five-star international standards, the height of each hall is over 10 meters. With spacious and comfortable airline seats, which have a row-to-row distance of 1.2 meters, it guarantees you a perfect view and abundant personal space.
The cinema offers 400 free parking spaces for its customers, and many snacks such as imported popcorns, churros and various cold or warm drinks are available at the shop.
Special offers at the cinema
1) Half price for movie tickets on Tuesdays
2) Half price for movie tickets before 13:00 daily
Service hotlines: 0592-5048811 / 5048822
Operating hour: 09:30-00:30
★ Jinyi International Cinemas IMAX
With investment of nearly 10 million yuan, the first IMAX movie theater of Jinyi International Cinemas in Xiamen has 4 movie halls with a seating capacity of about 700.
Using more advanced technology than an ordinary cinema projection screen, an IMAX screen is far larger, and promises cinemagoers far more vivid and striking footage and special effects.
Opening hour: 09:30-01:00
Address: 2F, behind B&Q, Mingfa Commercial Plaza
Service hotline: 0592-2160011
 Korean 6D Theater (韩国动感6D影院)
6D movie theaters are an upgrade beyond 3/4/5D theaters.
A 4D theater is one that usually adds motion controlled seating. 5 and 6D add other sensory inputs such as smells to the experience.
Imagine being in a moving seat in a theater showing a film about an air tanker pilot fighting a forest fire. You can see the environment, feel the vibrations in the seat, hear the rumble of the engines, smell the aluminum, fuel and oil, feel the impact and the vibrations as the tanker skims the water to scoop it up, smell the salt in the water (as if you were pulling it from the ocean) and then feel the heat as you approach the fire and smell the smoke.
In this case you have length, depth, and width in the 3D effects, the 4th D the motion controlled seating, the 5th smells, and the 6th the feel of the heat (or other tactile/touch effects). The 6D theater is an experience with one screen and a capacity of 6 riders at any time. It needs just 17 square meters. It can entertain adults and parents with children who seek local, fair-priced evening entertainment aimed at the whole family, and young adults who are interested in seeing recent releases. The 6D theater in Mingfa plaza has over 60 movies for you to choose from, and each movie’s runtime is about 10 minutes.
Add: behind 54 Castle, Mingfa Commercial Plaza
Phone: 18659251533 (Lee)
Opening hour: 13:00-22:00
Tickets: RMB 18/person
SOURCE: WOX Info by Sanmao Lin
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Mister_Phoenix Commented on 17 Aug 2013
Saw Pacific Rim @ the IMAX, my God, it was awesome! now I really miss Xiamen...
smaho Commented on 26 Jun 2013
I don't see a contradiction here, they did not say these places are full of people, just listed the entertainment venues. It looks only like an encouraging article for me. (OK, sounds like an ad, but they do the same for other places, so they cancel out:) And actually it contains new information for me,though I live quite close.
jacksparrow Commented on 25 Jun 2013
I wonder how much these companies pay WOX to write these types of posts. Just a few weeks ago there was an article about how this mall area was practically a ghost city.