Shopping in Xiamen

Updated: 02 May 2007
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Xiamen is a great city for shopping. With only about 2.1m population in Xiamen, the city is not congested and the shops are not packed like sardines. Yet, you can find most of the famous shops of the bigger cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou. And you can find all the bargains that are made in China, be it fashion or everyday items.


If you want to wear occidental clothes, you may have to pay more than in your country of origin. European and American brands are quite famous. has the shopping information on where to go out in the streets of Xiamen! So all you shop-aholics out there, put on your comfortable walking shoes, and get ready!


Supermarkets, department stores, grocer's shops, markets are common places for shopping. Zhonsanlu shopping street (closed for traffics), Lianhua Shopping Complexes such as Laiya Shopping Complex, SM Shopping Complex, Carrefour, B&Q, Walmarts next to Xiamen Train Station, Metro in Huli and extra just to name a few


In Xiamen, you will find few big hypermarkets as the heart of island city doesn't have much place and small supermarkets are open 24 hours. Many small shops, grocery stores have public telephone for your personal use and sell cigarettes, drinks, fruits and vegetables.


Supermarkets and department stores, which are often built on several floors, open from 10 AM to 10 PM, everyday.


Bargaining is essential; however, it is still important to remain polite. There are many modern, multi-level shopping malls, pedestrian streets lined with up-market boutiques (including most of the famous international names) where the prices may not be that different from home. The local street markets and stalls have all kinds of goods, and this is where your bargaining skills come to the fore. Large department stores mark their prices clearly, and the staff do not have the authority to bargain.



Here you can shop at these places:


1.     Friendship Store
A friendship store is a state-run store in China, which initially sold exclusively to tourists, foreigners, diplomats and government officials. At that time, the stores sold western, imported items, such as peanut butter, as well as Chinese arts and crafts. Today, friendship stores have no restrictions on customers.


2.      Department Stores

Most department stores are run by the state with some being run as individual or joint ventures. The merchandise available in Chinese department stores is similar to what you might expect to find in department stores anywhere in the world.


3.      Markets and bazars

These are the best places - indoors or outdoors - to find very cheap products. The quality is often good, however, try to have a meticulous eye as some products will be fakes. The prices are very flexible and present a good opportunity to practice your bargaining skills. It's important to keep in mind that foreigners will often be charged double or even triple the price a seller is willing to go down to.


Stores and Shops in Xiamen


Xiamen General Merchandise Wholesale Co.
335,Zhongshan Rd., Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-2024041 Fax:0592-2035627


Xiamen Commercial Group Corp.
52,Lujiang Rd.,Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-2023612 Fax:0592-2024621


Xiamen Friendship Store
1-4/F., Huaxing Bldg., 915 Xiahe Rd.,Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-5059789 Fax:0592-5081349


Xiamen The First Department Store Co., Ltd.
81-103, Zhongshan Rd.,Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-2024538 Fax:0592-2015467


Xiamen Eton Shopping Mall
No.65-75 Datong Rd.
No.2-6, Hengzhu Rd.,Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-2022559 Fax:0592-2024657


Xiamen CDC Shopping Centre
2/F., Huicheng Commercial Centre, 837, Xiahe Rd., Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-5064926 Fax:0592-5072413


Xiamen Jingu Market
11-17 Haihou Rd.,Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-2022690 Fax:0592-2020484


Xiamen Xindeco Duty Free Market
Xingyuan Bldg., Huli Industrial District.,Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-6021613 Fax:0592-6021612


Xiamen SEZ Dafeng Group Co.
167 Zhongshan Rd., Xiamen
Phone: +86-0592-2015453 Fax:0592-2022725





Everyday Online


30-36 Shenping Lu


Phone: +86-0592-2989906

Shop 1501, Juxiang Guangchang, Hexiang Xilu, Opposite McDonald's


Phone: +86-0592-2228977

8 Lianhua Beilu, Near McDonald's


Phone: +86-0592-5134102

24 Xinglong Lu


Phone: +86-0592-5681726

Shop 10, 414 Siming Nanlu


Phone: +86-0592-2090028


Gulangyu Pearl World


115 Longtou Road




Tel: 2063620


Half & Half

Juxiang Guangchang, Hexiang Xilu, Opposite McDonald's

禾祥西路聚祥广, 麦当劳对面

Phone: +86-0592-2295702

75 Dazhong Lu


Phone: +86-0592-2036168

5 Shengping Lu


Phone: +86-0592-2033984

Xiada Yitiaojie, Next to the Construction Bank

厦大一条, 建行隔壁

Phone: +86-0592-2573807


Long Wear Custom Tailors


423 Hubin Nanlu


Phone: +86-0592-5050085


Rose Weapon


198 Hexiang Xilu

Near the  intersection  with

Bailuzhou Lu


Phone: +86-0592-2294672


S& Joy

416 Hexiang Xilu


Phone: +86-0592-222597

Shop 21, 33 Hubin Beilu


Phone: +86-0592-5310581


Xiamen 135 Hand Illustrations


Shop 21, Lundu pedestrian Underpass


Phone: +86-0592-2079348

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