Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra

Updated: 08 May 2007
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The Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra is a professional orchestra currently supported by the Xiamen municipal government and the Fujian and Xiamen Electrical Power Bureaus, with contributions from Xiamen-Hong Kong Solidarity. It made its debut on September 9, 1998, on the beautiful Egret Island, Xiamen, under the leadership of Professor Zheng Xiaoying, the most prominent female conductor in China, who remains the orchestra's artistic director and principal conductor.


Since that time, the weekend symphony concerts, have brought to audiences more than 600 well-received concerts that have included more than 150 different programs from Haydn to Schostakovitch, domestic and from abroad. During performances, the "Zheng Xiaoying System" of explaining while performing, helps people become familiar with the symphony and become more receptive, and to understand more about the music.


They also have made short tours to more than 30 cities in ten  provinces and actively advocate composition of symphonies concern to China or Fujian for promotion to a Chinese symphonic career. As a result of their idea, promotion and performance of the Symphonic Epic Echo of Hakka Earth Buildings,¡± composed by Liu Yuan,  gloriously received the only Golden Prize of the first Chinese music Golden Bell Award for instrumental compositions.


In 2002, the orchestra successfully toured three cities in Japan, and got identical high praise from world-class juries and got an Award for their Outstanding Contribution from Xiamen Government for the excellent cooperation in Fourth International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians held in Xiamen.  And it also performed a concert with Fujian subjects in Beijing and was warmly welcomed by the audience in the Capital.  


The orchestra got an award from the Xiamen Culture Bureau because of the outstanding achievement. In 2003 the orchestra went to Hong Kong and then joined in the Shanghai(China) International Art Festival. The orchestra twice took part in the ceremony concerts of The Gulangyu Piano Festival.


Many orchestra musicians coached hundreds students from Jin Men, it promote the understanding and friendship of the compatriots of the two sides of the Strait. At the end of 2005 year, the orchestra performed a great new choral poem "Echo of the Three Gorges" and in May it had a tour in Jing Men.


These brilliant achievements under the new system of the orchestra have been reported by newspapers and magazines thousand times . Supported by the leader of Xiamen municipal government and some corporations, more than 70 artists in the orchestra have come from across China to devote their efforts toward building Xiamen into "Music Islands of the Orient" which can live up to this name.


SOURCE: Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra


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