Chinese Jadeware

Updated: 26 May 2007
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Jade is a rare colorful and hard stone, and it is usually polished and carved to make jadeware . Jade items are precious and rare treasures of China.


Chinese jadeware has a long history. Jade objects of the Liangzhu Culture of the Neolithic Age were unearthed in Zhejiang Province , and they appear delicate and beautiful. Jadeware production skills were greatly improved in the Zhou and Shang dynasties, and jade objects of that time include production tools, weapons, daily utensils, ornaments and sacrificial vessels.



In the Zhou Dynasty , jade was imbued by the ruling class with the concepts of benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, faithfulness, wisdom and courage. Thus jade wares were not only ornaments, but also symbols of social virtue and order A man of virtue considered his jade to be the symbol of his virtue and he took great care not to lose it. Clearly, jade played a very important role in people's spiritual and cultural life during the period. There are many moving historical stories about the jade treasures of the different kingdoms of the time.



From the Wei and Jin to the Qing dynasties, jade objects took on amore secular aspect in their shape and design although the Guanyin Bodhisattva was still a popular design. So, too, were the lion mother and son and the child with lotus leaf. The proportion of patterns with auspicious meaning increased during the period. The shape and design of jade objects were greatly influenced by the ideas of the literati. Some very large jade wares were made in the Qing Dynasty . The Dayu Controlling Water jade ware, for example, weighs about five tons, and its production took 18 years.



Jade production is a complicated process involving material selection, design of the pattern, grinding and polishing. The principal jade objects include jewelry, handicrafts and miniature landscapes. Jade handicrafts include jade figurines of court ladies, children, old men and Buddhas, jade flowers and birds, animals Such as horses, elephants, oxen, sheep, lions, tigers and dragons , and utensils such as pots and vases.



Jades are mostly produced in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yangzhou of Jiangsu Province and Liaoning Province, and jade wares made in different places have different appearances and styles. Beijing jade wares are bold, elegant and dignified. Shanghai jade wares are made in imitation of ancient style bronzeware . Guangzhou jade wares absorbed many Western artistic techniques and look fresh, natural and unrestrained. Yangzhou jade wares have fluid lines and a transparent quality. The jade making skills of all these regions have been handed down for many generations and have formed their distinct characteristics overtime.



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