She Nationality Palace of China

Updated: 11 Jun 2007
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Located in Tingping Folk-custom Village, She Nationality Township of Jinhan, Ningde City, Fujian Province, and 5 kilometers to the exit of Shenhai Expressway, it is listed as Fujian special tourist route of "China Folk Customs & Peoples, and She Nationality Romantic Feeling" by National Tourism Administration. Buildings in the Palace include Zhongyong King Palace, Longtou Ancestral Wand, Altar, and Cultural Relic Hall etc.  
Ningde City is a habitation area of She Nationality, with distinct and exotic traditional culture of She Nationality, its language, folk songs, costumes, and customs. Cultural Relic Hall covers a construction area of 1200 square meters and is divided into Preface Hall, History Hall, Romantic Feeling Hall and Modern Times Hall. 
Ningde City is the major region where the She Minority people live. From Tang Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty, the forefathers of She Nationality arrived in the East of Fujian from the border areas around Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi Provinces one after another. At present, the population of the She Nationality in Ningde amounts to 170,000, accounting for half of the population of the She Nationality in Fujian and one fourth of the total population in China. In Ningde, the She Nationality people are distributed mainly over 9 counties, including 124 towns and neighborhoods .Now 8 towns of the She Nationality and the Economic Development Zones of the She Nationality in Fuan have been set up. There are 203 administrative villages of She Nationality people.
 As an ancient nationality, the She people have such a long history that they have their own particular customs and traditions. For example, the She people keep their own oral language, but they use Chinese characters widely. They call themselves "Shanha" which refers to the "people who live in the mountains". Though their traditional women's clothes are different from place to place, they have some typical features: coat in black, some colored-or flower patterns on sleeves and collars; colorful black aprons and flowery belts around the waists. They also wear long black trousers. In some places they also wear black shorts and tie their legs with cloth. The She ethnic girls keep a long tail with a red ribbon.
The married women have different hairstyles like a tube or a spiral snail, which is called a phoenix style. The ornaments they wear are silver bracelets, silver necklaces, silver circles, silver earrings etc.. The She folksongs are the representative of the She culture. The She people like singing folk songs. In daily life and while working, they sing instead of talks to express their feelings, even to tell their history and fairy tales. They sing by falsetto, with 4 styles such as solo, antiphonal singing (pange), chorus and duet. The tune is almost the same, which cab be mainly classified into Fuding Tune; Xiapu Tune and Funing Tune. The She nationality has special features in their traditional festivals, wedding ceremony, Wushu(martial arts), medicine and so on, which add a beautiful color to Mingdong ( East of Fujian).
Since the reform and opening up in 1978, the different levels of government in East of Fujian have implemented the ethnic nationality policies effectively by launching a nationality-unity movement and supporting the She developments. Meanwhile the She people keep the practice of plain living and hard struggle and quicken the pace of construction. The economy in this area has been developing steadily, so people's living standard has been improved and the social work takes on a new look. Ningde City was conferred the title "Model Unit of Nationality Solidarity". Today, the administrative villages have attained "five links", namely, links with power, television, telephone, transport, drinking water. There are 386 primary schools and 6 middle schools built for the She Nationality people. The quality of education and the condition of schools have improved a lot.
The She Nationality Song and Dance Troupe, The Revolutionary Memorial Hall, The Museum of the She Nationality, The She Nationality Palace of PRC have been built. The She culture and tourism resources have been developed and put into use. The medical and health conditions have been improved a lot now. There is a county -level hospital, and 8 town-level hospitals. The She traditional sports also develop very fast. The She people have been awarded in traditional National Minority Sports Meets many times.
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