Xiamen Golf Clubs

Updated: 30 Jul 2007
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With the living standards rising in China, more golf courses have been built, and because playing golf is very cheap in China, it attracts many foreigners who come to enjoy the game. However, it’s even better to combine playing golf with sightseeing tours. In fact, many golf courses are located not far away from famous scenic spots.


There are several golf courses in Fujian and two major golf clubs in Xiamen and several closes by.







1) Golf Courses in Xiamen


a) Kaikou Golf Club



Designer: Grey Norman

Number of Holes: 18  

Area: 3500

Par: 36




With a total area of 233.3 hectares, Kai Kou Golf Club is surrounded by a 10-odd-kilometer-long granite fence of Great Wall style, which keeps noises and disturbances.


Clubhouse with Chinese and Western restaurants, driving range, shoes, clubs, carts and umbrellas for hire
Caddies, tennis, swimming, gymnasium, sauna, nightclub, KTV


Near Tong’an-Jimei Trunk Road of Fuxia Highway, Tong’an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province. Only fifteen minutes drive from Xiamen Airport.


Tel 0592-7011682 Fax  0592-7011882




b) The Orient (Xiamen) Golf & Country Club



Designer  by Ronald Fream of GOLF PLAN Company, U.S.A

Number of Holes: 27  




Backed by mountain and faced with the sea, the Orient (Xiamen) Golf & Country Club commands an air of "five dragons seizing a bead" integrating the vast sea, the sound of tides, golden sand, ancient caves, queer stones and famous trees. Elaborately designed by American master of design Ronald Fream, it embodies the perfect combination of natural scenic beauty and professional golfing ideas.


Only twenty minutes drive from Xiamen International Airportand only 10 minutes drive to Xiamen Downtown through Haicang Bridge.


Tel: 0592-6531316 Fax  0592-5094218




c) Southern Wood Golf & Country Club



Dajing Village, Gangwei Town, Longhai, Zhangzhou



Designer: Koji Masuda

Number of Holes:18

Length of Fairway: 7100

Area: 1800

Par  72




Integrating body building, catering, hotel and recreation, Southem Wood Golf & Country Club, in addition to the course, is equipped with a restaurant capable of serving Chinese and Western meals for 200 people, uniquely designed villas of European style, wood houses for coastal relaxation, BBQ area, a hippodrome, golf practice field, KTV, etc. 


Tel: 0596-6888551—59 Fax  0596-6888402




2) Golf Courses Near Xiamen


a) Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Club

Gui'an Village, Lianjiang County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province (in the direction of Forest Park)


Designer: Kaichi Kato

Number of Holes:18

Length of Fairway: 7103

Area: 1042

Par: 72




Beside the beautiful Pandu Stream in Lianjiang County of Fuzhou City, there is a good place for sports, leisure, to sweat after daylong work, to soak oneself comfortably in the high-quality hot spring and to win a lifetime health--Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Course. 25 kilometers to the urban area in the outskirts of Fuzhou City, Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Course enjoys a convenient transportation. With an area of 120 hectares, it is carefully planned and designed according to the 18 holes international standard. Surrounded by green mountains and blue waters, it is rich in geothermal resource and enjoys a secluded setting and graceful scenery.


Business Hours  from sunrise to sunset

Tel: 0591-6290688 Fax  0591-6290788




b) Fuzhou Summit Golf Country Club

388 Dengyun Road, Jin'an District, Fuzhou City


Designer: Mizuno Co., Ltd.

Number of Holes: 18  




Next to Fuzhou Dengyun Reservoir, at the foot of the mountain and facing the water, Summit Golf Course has complete terrains and moderately gentle slopes, which make the planning of course nearly perfect and the deployment of strategic holes easy. Blessed with a temperate climate, the golf season is unusually long. With the bright sun, pleasant breezes and fairly long sunny hours, it is neither cold in winter nor hot in summer in Fuzhou. The golf season lasts throughout the year. The temperature and terrains of Summit Golf Country Club conforms to the world standards, ensuring the perfection of your swinging.


Tel: 0591-7358000 Fax  0591-7358700








Golfing in China and Xiamen


For several years, golf has been regarded as an ideal leisure activity by the country club set and many businessmen, an appeal which is beginning to attract a much wider audience.


The golf club manufacturing sector already uses up a 10th of the country's annual titanium demand, although golfers make up less than 0.1 percent of China's population.


Years of economic growth, however, have swollen the ranks of the middle class and the game is gaining popularity so rapidly that government authorities fear it is displacing valuable farmland.


And if golf spreads in China as it should, it will be seen as a sport that can represent for a greater section of the population all the things that golf stands for in terms of integrity and behaviour.


It will mean a change in attitude from golf being just a pastime of the wealthy and middle-aged to being a more serious sporting activity that can be started at an early age.


In those 10 years, China has undergone a mind-boggling transformation, and that includes golf. There are now over 200 golf courses, and the projections are that 50 new courses a year will come on stream over the next five years.


It has a long way to go to match the 15,000 golf courses of the United States but, with more and more Chinese companies moving into the Fortune 500 and the executive ranks swelling so rapidly, it won't be far behind in the next 10 to 15 years.


Golf is still an elite sport in China but there are already 195 officially registered courses throughout the country, with a projected 1,000 more under construction.



Popularity of golf rises in China


The first thing one notices about golf in China -- after marveling at the game's sudden popularity -- is how many players seem to have decent swings.


Golf is the latest fashion in Xiamen, spurred by the broadening interests of the new middle.


T.K. Pen, a Taiwanese-American investor who owns the Orient golf courses in Xiamen, estimated there are 100,000 golfers in China. The number should double in five years, he said.


"Compared to Japan and Taiwan, the growth has been similar," he said. The major challenge for the industry has been finding land for new courses, because suburban farmers have the political clout to resist selling if they don't like the deal.


"That was one of the reasons why our Beijing course was built on a trash dump site," he said.


Wang Ping, 40, an executive with an American Internet company, plays once a week for business and once a week for fun.


"We used to go to karaoke, or get a massage, when we needed to talk about business, but we got tired of that," said Wang, finishing up an early round at the well-maintained Orient course with his wife and a friend before rushing off to a 10 a.m. meeting.


"Everywhere is green, and the air is fresh," he said.

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