Xiamen Main Addresses of Religion for Prayers

Updated: 25 Aug 2007
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In the late 19th century, Fujian was a focus of missionary activity. There are still many historic churches in the region. Believers of Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism and lslam can all be found in Xiamen, of which the Buddhists form the majority. Nanputuo Temple and South Fujian Buddhism Institution both enjoy a great reputation. There are about 40 Protestant Churches in Fujian, of which The New Street Church was the first in China, built in 1848. Religious service timings may vary. Please call in advance to check for the latest information.


1. Temples

Xiamen Nanputuo Temple515, Siming South Road, Xiamen City
Tel: +86 592 208 7282


2. Catholic Churches


Christ The King Church
34, Lujiao Road, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen City
Tel: +86 592 206 6150

Saturday 0730h - 0800h Fujian Dialect
Sunday 0830h - 0930h Chinese
  1000h - 1100h English

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church
15, Ci An Road, Xiamen City
Tel: +86 592 205 4501

Weekday 0730h - 0830h Fujian Dialect
Saturday 1815h - 1915h Chinese

3. Protestant Churches


New Street Church
29 Tai Guang Street, Xiamen City
Tel: +86 592 207 2383

Sunday 0830h - 1100h Fujian Dialect
  1500h - 1600h Chinese
  1600h - 1800h English
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 1500h - 1600h Fujian Dialect
Tuesday, Wednesday 1930h - 2100h Chinese

The Bamboo Church129, Kaihe Road, Xiamen City
Tel: +86 592 298 7381/2

Tuesday - Thursday 1500h - 1600h Chinese
Thursday 1900h - 2100h Chinese
Sunday 0800h - 0900h Chinese


4. Mosque


Xiamen Mosque
27 Gongyuan South Road, Xiamen City
Tel: +86 592 203 4471

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