Xiamen Cinemas and Movies Centre

Updated: 13 Sep 2007
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Xiamen Shimao Jinying Cinemas 


Add: No.888, 5 Floor, Shimao Shangcheng,Xiahe Rd.

Phone: +86 592: 5815000, 5815001, 5815005


There are two halls with digital projectors, one has 130 seats, and the other has 119 seats. The cinema is installed with full digital projection equipment thus upholding the imported film’s original soundtrack.



Xiamen Siming Cinemas



Add:2-14,Northern Siming Rd,Xiamen

Tel:0592-2132873  Fax:0592-2023412


Xiamen Siming Cinemas is one of the oldest professional cinemas in Xiamen. Its overall facilities are very advanced, especially its audio-visual equipment which boasts of being in the top international level.




Xiamen Kaiming Cineplex

Add:No.69,Jiangtou Beilu,Xiamen


Tel:0592-5517918 5561535  Fax:0592-5561328


The Cineplex contains: Three luxury Projection Halls, Two digital Projection Halls and a Film Customize Projection Hall; a total of 516 seats for the six halls. Its overall facilities possess an advanced level.



Xiamen Jinyi International Cinemas


Add: The 3rd floor, C district, Mingfa Commerce Square

Tel0592-5048811  5048822   Fax0592-5048833


Xiamen Jinyi International Cinemas is located at the Business Center of Xiamen and provides 400 Parking spaces for free. The building is about 6,000 square meters with seven luxury projection halls, has a VIP lounge with a seating capacity of close to 1800. Studios Theater is built with a five-star international standard construction. The space clearance of the hall is over 10 meters, has spacious and comfortable air seats, which are 1.2 meters away from the row so you feel more relaxed. The screen has a width of 18 meters and is equipped with a high-end audio system equipment ring. The 45-degree angle cascade design gives you a first-class movie-viewing experience!


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