Xiamen's Latest Night Charm: Babyface

Updated: 21 Jan 2008
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 WOX buddies being seated


Last weekend, the WOX buddies, WOX Team and our university buddies had a very drunken night at the University End of Semester Party at Babyface. All the hype, expectations and myth that were created around Babyface (The biggest Disco group in China) were not at all over exaggerated. Trix, the Canadian DJ had pumped up the entire night with some of the best and latest techno music, keeping the night at high intensity. This new kid in town is definitely going to change the landscape of Xiamen disco industry.


As we've said, Xiamen is no longer Beijing's nor Hong Kong's little sister when it comes to life after dark. Of course we don't mean the LED lights of apartment buildings blinking at night. We're talking about the blinding and hypnotizing party lights at the bars and dance clubs all over the city. Friday or not, locals and expats swarm all the right places turning them into hives of party people who just can't seem to get enough of drinking and well, more partying.


If you happen to be one of the bees filling the hives with honey, you'd be delighted to hear that Xiamen has a new addition to its night charms. Less than a month ago, Babyface bar/club/lounge decide to perch on Xiamen soil and stir its people into a new level of party frenzy.  If you’re up to techno music or into DJ’s mixing the music for you then you won’t get disappointed spending your night at Babyface. The music just goes on and on and it’s entirely up to you to fill your lungs with their expertly mixed cocktails or the seemingly endless bottles of beers you can chug.


If you knew Mask (also a bar/dance club) then that’s exactly where Babyface is at. They’ve taken Mask’s old place and made it their very own making it sound fresher and younger. Located at Hubin Beilu, Babyface is just a few meters away from Sofitel Plaza Hotel. Babyface also has branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Hangzhou.


Inside, you can comfortably lounge around the couches, cuddle or rest your feet, sore from dancing on their mini stage. You can also sit at the bar where you can try to have chit-chats with other partiers, that is if you can manage to hear what they’re saying over the heart-thumping music.  All over the place though are tables where you can just stand beside it and dance shyly without the danger of hitting a passerby with your flailing elbows and hips.


WOX have once again made its mark on one of the hottest night spots in town. The party was consisted of WOX Xiada buddies (mostly students) and WOX Jimei buddies (some teachers and staff). No doubt, the WOX party last Friday would not be the last you'll hear of but rather, just one of the many more parties to come.


On that special Friday night, the buddies got the “Buy One Get One” deal on particular drinks that were promised to them. By the looks of that night, beside organized events, Babyface is sure to get more visits from the buddies. And of course, that wasn’t just a one-time deal with Babyface. We can definitely expect more perks from it and more parties to stir up your Xiamen nights


So whoever said Xiamen is still hot on the heels of Shanghai and other China cities should graze one of the bars in the city and be prepared for a change of heart.






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