Pizza Tuesdays at Javaroma

Updated: 22 Apr 2008
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Craving for good pizza?  Tuesdays will be your favorite day because Javaromas is having Pizza Tuesdays.  They are offering a Buy-1-Get-1 Pizza promotion all day during this day of the week.  You can choose any two pizzas, 9-inch or 12-inch, for the price of one.  They serve Australian wines, beer, garlic bread, fries and other main dishes here as well.


Javaromas at JianYe Lu across from the Marco Polo Hotel

Mr. James Rein, C.E.O. and owner, said all the food served in Javaromas are made fresh from their own kitchen.  Pizzas, cakes and pastries are baked there daily.  Watch out for desert specials, too!  Cakes are paired with Javaromas's signature coffees.  We asked Mr. Rein if they have the best coffee in Xiamen and he replied, "Try it yourself and if you like it, you'll come back for more".  Customers indeed go back for more, and the cafe has many foreign and local regulars who come for their great coffee, deserts and ambience. 


Relaxing with friends at Javaromas

Javaromas is located across from the Marco Polo Hotel.  Take a stroll in the park fronting the lake and unwind in the cafe afterwards while checking your mail from their free wireless internet.  Better yet, do it on Tuesday afternoons with your friends to get yourselves hungry for Pizza!


SOURCE: WOX Team by Danee

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