Foreign Sex in the Globalizing Main Stream Society of Xiamen

Updated: 15 Jul 2008
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The pervasion of sex culture in discotheque imported from western societies has maximized its influences as China big cities’ nightlife continue to flourish in this globalizing Chinese society.


Here in Xiamen, Chinese youth participate in the cosmopolitan sexual culture of the discotheque, using the hybrid cultural space of the discotheque for their own forms of sexual display and interaction.



Here, the female disco goers, especially those work in the industry, dressed with maximum sex appeal. The freedom of expression in clothes and fashion directly contrasts the ‘Mao’ and ’Deng’ era, which is only couple of decades ago. 


This changing social landscape especially at night fall at Xiamen nightlife districts manifests in the most provocative manners. Usually, for those who work in the industry, it is either sex or sex appeal for money. For some of those hard disco goers, it is party whole night, to distress and get silly.




Hiding behind the dimness and flashing lights of western disco scenes, these new generations of ‘play hard and work hard’ thrill seekers, spends big and hence attracting sex or sex appeal for grasp.


Discotheque is perceived by Xiamen youth as a cosmopolitan space allowing for appropriation and consumption of ‘foreign’ sexual styles. Especially for young women, the disco provides a space for sexual expression which would be unacceptable in other social spaces, and offers Chinese youth of both sexes a space for participation in a global consumer culture.


This social behavior has permeated into the main stream culture gradually. Hitherto, sub-cultural theories of youth culture are found to be inadequate to describe participation in this shifting and anonymous marketplace of sexual images and self-display of sex appeal.



Chinese participation in the discotheque is less a ‘localization’ or subversion of global practices than an active consumption of and participation in a kind of sexual cosmopolitanism, more of a construction of a ‘super-culture’ rather than of a ‘sub-culture’.


Rather than creating local group solidarities, participation in this ‘super-culture’ emphasizes, above all, sexual display and the exposure of the commodified sexual self.



On the street, shopping centre and in the public, more and more sexual scenes, love and passion are being displayed with much less self restraint, consciousness and social taboo.


Western music, disco, alcohol and fashion have helped to shape the latest life in Xiamen and hence this so called main stream culture.





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Mike10613 Commented on 25 Jun 2011
They will get the same problems in the west. Alcohol problems and sexually transmitted diseases.