Xiamen popular Bars and Nightclubs

Updated: 05 Mar 2007
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Bars & Pubs


Binlang Bar Street is a nightlife venue of great popularity especially among young people and foreign visitors. Plenty of bars and pubs with their distinct styles and features can be found here to provide you a wide range of choices. For instance, the Night-Shanghai Pub appears in an old fitment style of Shanghai in the 1920s; the Jurassic Bar creates a vivid scene of the Jurassic Period with dinosaurs; the Cleopatra Bar features performance of Egyptian style, etc. Various bars and pubs in this street or other parts of Xiamen will be good places for entertainment and relaxation.




Easy Lounge Bar

102 Nanhu Hao Yuan B

Hubin Donglu

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5070512



Glass House

Huxin Dao

Jiangtou Gongyuan

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5561099



Hollywood Bar

1F Crowne Plaza

Phone: +86 (0) 592-2023333



Jiulongwan Forest Bar

Hulishan Fort

Phone: +86 (0) 592-2093333



La Bomba

Block A, Yangming Lou

Jianye Lu

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5310707



The Londoner

Guanren Lu

Behind the Marco Polo

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5089783



Me & You 2

No.1 Hou Hai Ting, Hai Wan Park
Phone: +86 592 6853747



My Living Room

31-28 Jianye Lu

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5758558



Tom's Restaurant/Andy's Bar

Zhenhai Lu

Opposite Double Ten Middle Sehoo

Phone: +86 (0) 592-8659192



Block B Bailuzhou

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5323333



Noah's Ark

Block A Tian'e Guangchang


Look for the neon Eiffel Tower

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5338888



Oasis Bar

Lobby, Pan Pacific Xiamen

19 Hubin Beilu

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5078888 ext. 74



The Orient Anderea

Guanren Lu

Behind the Marco Polo




28 Jiangjunci Lu

Phone: +86 (0) 592-2058288



Sky Word

128-6 Houdai Xilu

Off Hexiang Donglu

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5851458



True Love

Donghui Huayuan

2-4 Yuandang Lu

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5315666



U&I Bar

Building 1, Photography Plaza

Bailuzhou Donglu

Behind the Swan Hotel

Phone: +86 (0) 592-5565518



Xiangcun Lieche

2F, 2nd Section, Fujin Dajie



Yilu Tongxing Recreation Club

Unit 202, 340 Dongfang Bali


Opposite the Rainbow Shopping


Phone: +86 (0) 592-5553797

Please call  beforehand for




Youfu Castle


Phone: +86 (0) 592-5090888









Recommended Disco and Clubing by Igougo



Beauty Recreation Ground
The clubbers club

28 Jiangjun Road
Phone: +86 (0)592 207 8996
Opening Hours 6p-4a daily

Despite possessing the type of name that suggests it has something to do with hairdressing, this bar rates as one of Xiamen's most popular nightclubs. It is the ideal spot for traipsing about a jammed dance floor with seemingly half of Xiamen's population. The DJ booth boasts a staggering music library featuring more than 30,000 European, American, Chinese and Taiwanese songs. There are also 45 KTV boxes too. This club is always packed with hard partiers so look elsewhere if the mood beckons for an evening of quiet conversation. The atmosphere is very Chinese; so if you are looking to see how the locals play, then check it out.

Credit Cards not accepted

Bosom Dancing Hall

Dancing and drinking

479 South Siming Road
Phone:+86 (0)592 208 5904
Opening Hours 6p-late daily

Everything that is great about being young and single is celebrated at this highly popular nightclub. Dancing is the biggest attraction. A massive music library fuels the boogie floor with more than 25,000 songs from all over the globe ranging from pop to rock. Friday night specializes in rock music, while Saturday heats up with pop tunes from the likes of Madonna and Britney Spears. Drink prices are reasonable. Expect large crowds on weekends.

Edge Belt

Saluting is optional 

Nanshan Road, Huli District

Phone: +86 (0)592 503 0922

The testosterone factor is maxed to the extreme limit at this theme bar. Military décor is rampant, lending it the cheerful look of an armed forces headquarters that just happens to feature loud music. In keeping with the spirit of the bar, the wait staff hauls drink orders while dressed in blue uniforms. Darts are the main recreational diversion. Women are few here, so consider other options if meeting the girl of your dreams motivates the evening. However, if meeting boys is on the agenda, you will find plenty here.

Hello Life Bar
Live music

1F Jingxie Mansion, Lianhua South Road, Kaiyuan District
Phone: +86 (0)592 513 6719

Instead of Hello Life, this libation center could just as easily be called Hello Music.Live music plays almost nightly making it very popular with locals and visitors.Musicians from all over China crest its stage playing mainly pop and folk. Some bands even specialize in country and western music, which makes for some interesting renditions. Weekends are especially busy, plan on arriving early for a table.


Jane Ai Bar


98 Haitian Road, Xiamen, 361002

Phone: +86 (0)592 574 4219

This cozy little bar could easily pass as a massage center for the brain. Soft classical music wafts from the house speakers as customers relax in comfortable chairs sipping mugs of coffee and tea. Books, magazines and newspapers are scattered about creating a library-like atmosphere. There are even movie videos that can be watched on the premises free of charge. Westerners especially favor this bar for all of the staff speaks English.


KK Recreation Ground

Boogie bliss

9 Lianyue Road 

Phone: +86 (0)592 512 9487

Dancing, drunkenness and other privileges of youth are showcased at this popular nightspot. The latest dance hits blare out of the house speakers prompting the dance floor to fill with constant motion. If the legs need a pause from boogying, there is a billiards room. This hot spot is popular with Xiamen's college crowd and with tourists. This is not, however, the place to visit if the mood calls for quiet conversation. Drink prices are reasonable.

Credit Cards not accepted 

Sunset Avenue Bar

Martini maximum

Binlang Road
Phone: +86 (0)592 514 2135

One does not have to worry about some college kid drunk on generic beer staggering into their space at this swank nightspot for it attracts an upscale business clientele. It is the type of place one can imagine James Bond stepping into and confidently ordering a vodka martini, stirred, not shaken. Wine and martinis are the drinks of choice. Folk and classical music add to the highbrow atmosphere. Despite the bar's showy personality, it manages to keep the pretentiousness to a minimum.



Zhansi Bar

Feels like a Munich franchise


10 North Hubin Road

Phone:+86 (0)592 531 1497

You may not feel compelled to don lederhosen, but nevertheless this bar does a good job of creating a traditional German atmosphere. The interior meshes Bavaria with the Orient, giving nod to Germany's presence in the late 1800s. Heavy dark beer and large beer steins are the norm rather than the exception. Plenty of oompah music adds to the fun. In addition, the bar also serves various tea and fruit.

Credit Cards not accepted.







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