Origin of Halloween and the WOX costume party in Xiamen

Updated: 25 Oct 2008
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The gate of the underworld will be open at mid-night on 31st October, so that the dead can roam the human world and the lost spirits can return to the underworld before the gate closes.


The Celts in Scotland, Wales and Ireland who were the first in Europe to observe the tradition called it a Halloween day. It is also known as All Souls' Day, and was celebrated on November 1.


This is also a similar belief in the Chinese mythology for thousand of years. Called the All Souls’ Day or Guijie which falls on 15th July (lunar calendar), the Chinese believe that on the day, the spirits of the underworld are given rights to visit our human world when the gate to the underworld is wide open.


The believers dish out huge varieties of food, cooked pig, chicken, buns, rice and burning incents at the altar arranged in the middle of the front entrance of the house to feed the roaming spirits. Hoping they will return to the underworld without bringing any evils to the household.  


Whereas In the West, Halloween is the day when it is believed that it is the day when the evil spirits such as vampires, ghosts and witches come to Earth and terrify people. Celtic people used to paint their faces and wear terrifying costumes to scare off these evil spirits.


This day and age, Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses", carving Jack-o'-lanterns, reading scary stories and watching horror movies.


 Last year's Halloween Party at Bar Blanc


Behind the name, Halloween, or the Hallow E'en as they call it in Ireland , means All Hallows Eve, or the night before the 'All Hallows', also called 'All Hallowmas', or 'All Saints', or 'All Souls' Day, observed on November 1.


The tradition has continued to the day in the form of 'trick-or-treat' when children and even adults dress up as witches and ghosts, pirates and other costumes and go in groups from home to home. They get candies and apples as treat and those who dare not to entertain them, gets the blunt end of the stick and pranks and tricks are played on them. It's the day of the devil and the time to unleash the monster within.


The American version of Halloween Day celebration owes its origin to the ancient (pre-Christian) Druidic fire festival called "Samhain", celebrated by the Celts in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


Samhain is pronounced "sow-in", with "sow" rhyming with cow. In Ireland the festival was known as Samhein, or La Samon, the Feast of the Sun. In Scotland, the celebration was known as Hallowe'en. In Welsh it's Nos Galen-gaeof (that is, the Night of the Winter Calends.


Irish immigrants carried versions of the tradition to North America in the nineteenth century. Other western countries embraced the holiday in the late twentieth century.


 Last year's Halloween Party at Bar Blanc


Halloween is celebrated in several countries of the Western world, most commonly in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Japan, New Zealand, and occasionally in parts of Australia.


This year in Xiamen, WOX is organizing a Halloween costume party; there will be Western Expats and Chinese alike going to Bar Blanc celebrating the occasion. WOX members will be dressing up in the most horrifying manners to ward off the evil spirits of the night.


There will be Qing Dynasty Ghosts, Zombies, Egyptian Mummies, Werewolves, Dracula, Vampires, half naked bodies with missing limbs, etc. Western and eastern scariest will appear on the night.


There will be horror, sexy and scary people roaming the Haiwan Park where Bar Blanc is located. When the clock struck at 12 midnight, there will be howling, moaning, crying and etc heard across the park.


Alcohol will be flowing to please the undead, bodies will be lying around in the park, music and dancing will be frantic.


Don’t sleep that night, as you should not be alone when the gate is open.




Call 5070350 to book a spot, group and group parties are welcome.


Come and join the scariest night at Bar Blanc in Xiamen.

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