Shopping for toys for kids in Xiamen

Updated: 24 Nov 2008
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Thinking of where to get your little one’s birthday gift or Christmas present? Xiamen has a lot of places where you can go to shop or get ideas on what to buy. Bring your child along so he or she can be the one to choose the best toy. 


Places you can visit would be malls and street markets around the city.  The most notable so far would be SM Shopping mall, where there are a collection of stores selling toys for kids.


Inside Eastern Paris Mall located on Jiahe Road there is Changyou Toy Store which has an extensive collection of toys; also check out Dazhong Road nearby Zhongshan Road. 


These places sell all kinds of toys for kids, both imported and locally made.  There are video games on sale in here too!  And all these places are located in major shopping and commercial areas, so after you’ve done a day’s worth of toy hunting you can sit, relax and have coffee or dinner nearby.


1. SM shopping mall

Address: SM shopping mall, Jiahe Road, Xiamen

Many bus can take you there, you can take xia2, 18, xia20, 27, 33, 40, 41, 44, xia50, 51, xia52, 53, 54, xia55, xia56, xia57, xia59, xia79, 89, 108, 201, 202, 507, 508, 515, 521, 525, 532, 534, 616, 617, 808, 812, 813 bus at SM Shopping Mall stops.

There are many toys stores on the second floor of SM Shopping Mall


2. Changyou Toy Store

Address: No. 354, Jiahe Road, Huli District, Xiamen (inside Eastern Paris Mall, opposite Rainbow Market)

You can take 18, 27, 44, xia50, xia52, 53, xia55, xia56, xia57, xia59, xia79, 108, 202, 508, 252, 534, 610, 517, 620 bus at Lvcuo Bus Stop

There are many toys for all ages of kids


3. Children Shopping Street

 Location of Xiamen's children Shopping Street


Address: Dazhong Road, Siming District, Xiamen

There are many stores about children clothes, shoes, toys, children wears and other kids goods, you can buy all your need for your kids here.



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