Xiamen International Christian Fellowship

Updated: 25 Nov 2008
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Who? XICF is a registered fellowship for all holders of foreign passports (please show them each Sunday or leave a photocopy on file with us).


When? Sundays, 10:30 AM to 12 Noon


Where? No. 139, Siming Dong Road,Siming District,Xiamen (厦门市思明区思明东路139号)


Tel: 1825-947-2884



What do we do? Christians from many countries worship together in services led by volunteers, and hold many other activities as well...


Small Groups In addition to the main worship, we have special AWANA programs for children, as well as numerous small groups for various interest groups and needs, such as the Philippine students at Jimei who meet each Sunday at the Yiyuan for lunch. Our members also have several English Corners, and help out with the YMCA, orphanages, etc. Lots to do, so please contact XICF members on Sundays for more info or to volunteer.


AWANA Sunday School--a full program, including Cubbies: Preschool Sparks: K - 2nd Grade ... 3rd - 6th class (we need volunteers for work with teens!)


Special Programs -- monthly communion service, and music and drama on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.


Annual XICF Retreats!  We've had four so far, with over 100 people meeting for the weekend in Yongtai, Changtai, Shishi's "Gold Coast Resort", etc.


Volunteer! XICF needs volunteers for the music, for running the sound equipment, ushers, etc.  Again, please ask XICF members on Sunday for information.


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ryanibrani Commented on 06 Jul 2012
hi WOX,

XICF moved to Gospel Church near Zhongshan Lu since July 3rd, 2011

so this article needs to be updated

see for more info