Pedestrian Zebra Crossings in Xiamen

Updated: 06 Mar 2007
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Xiamen is losing its grip over the safety of road user especially the unprotected pedestrian at the zebra crossing. The zebra lines have been given the perception that it is safe if you use it correctly especially foreigner who are unaware of the crazy attitude of general motorists towards this sign. The pedestrian crossings in Xiamen are very well assigned and marked. But, the disregard by the motorist on the pedestrians that are using the crossings has made a mockery of the entire traffic system, its rules and regulations.


To a certain extend, some of these motorists who have no regards for human life could be considered murderers. Hopefully, the authority is quick to address the problems and put a stop to further waste of innocent lives. This will ease the growing pains of the educated and good road user and put away the bad one or those culprit who so far have not received proper punishment.



The safety of using pedestrian crossing


Statistics shows that from December 2004 to October 2005, there were 76 accidents at the pedestrian crossing, involving vehicles and pedestrians and 20 of which were fatal. Quick searches on the Xiamen media channels on ‘zebra crossing incidents’ have revealed the following accidents: -


On 29th December 2005 at 9.00am, a 70 year old man was killed at a zebra crossing near Wenhuagong (Xiamen Cultural Centre). A speeding 19route bus ploughed the unsuspected old man from the zebra crossing and killed him instantly. On the same day at 5.00pm, another accident at zebra crossing claimed the life of a 9 year old girl. Again, the culprit was a 32route public bus. These two accidents had stirred some emotions of the public and some member of the public was suggesting that the date should be used to commemorate and be a reminder to the motorist as one of the darkest days of Xiamen traffic.


Since the accidents, many more innocent lives had been taken at the crossing in Xiamen by the motorist. These horrendous accidents and victims keep coming.


On 5th November, at 7.00pm at a zebra crossing just outside the Xiamen Train Station, a public bus (private owned) bulldozed five pedestrians in one hit which involved 2 families, a couple  with a daughter and another young couple. The husband escaped injury, his wife died instantly; his daughter was seriously injured. The other couple was also seriously injured. Apparently, green flashing light was on to indicate safe crossing at the controlled pedestrian crossing. 


Spotting the speeding bus that had no intention to stop, the husband retracted and attempted to pull both his wife and his daughter clear of the collision course. This action saved his daughter but it was too late for his wife. The wife was crushed and died instantly while the daughter sustained head injury. The family came to Xiamen from Qinghai and was scheduled to go home the day after. The other husband and wife who suffered face and chest injury were lucky to escape death.


On 6th November 2000 at 8.00pm, an accident involving dump truck and an electric bike occurred at a pedestrian crossing outside a petrol station in Dongpu Road. A 3 year old child was killed instantly and the mother sustained serious injury. The driver sped off and escaped the accident scene.


On 8th November 2006, 3 people were run over by a speeding long distance bus at a zebra crossing in the outskirt of Xiamen at Jimei



Statistics from the Local Police Department


According to the Xiamen local police department, out of 91% of traffic accident involving pedestrian, 88% were the faults and carelessness of the motorist. These accidents usually occurred in the dark hours of 7pm-12pm and 2pm-8am, where 70% of the accident occurred




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