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Updated: 18 Mar 2009
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“Tao Ding Xuan” is a Hakka restaurant in Xiamen that serves authentic Hakka food. And the Hakka dishes served at the restaurant are from Changting.


When speaking of Changting, a county in western Fujian Province, some words may immediately come to mind for many Fujianese - The old base of China revolutionary.


However, Changting is not only a historical and cultural county, but also one of the homes of Hakka cuisine. So, when it comes to Hakka cuisine, it is necessary to mention Changting and its Hakka dishes, as well as this newly opened private kitchen in Xiamen - "Tao Ding Xuan" Hakka restaurant. (饕鼎轩客家私房菜)


The restaurant is located at 101 North Hubin Road, to the left side of the entrance of the Binbei Motor City 



According to the chief chef, Mr. ZENG Huasheng, who was born and bred in Changting, "Tao Ding Xuan" is very particular about its cooking ingredients. They employ workers to purchase local vegetables, chickens, ducks, and other food ingredients in the mountain areas in Changting County in order to bring the most fresh and authentic food to discerning diners.


Even their side dishes are authentic as they are pickled by local Changting housewives. After being simply processed in Xiamen, the side dishes taste pure and authentic. And the “Ngiong Tew Foo” (客家酿豆腐), also named as stuffed tofu cube, is quite special in that it has flavours of fresh beans and some what tastes a bit sour. In fact, the tofu is totally hand-made, with no gypsum added. It uses the juice of a local tree which is called “Tofu Tree” to replace the gypsum.


Innovation is what “Tao Ding Xuan” advocates, such as its “Private Lion’s head” (私房狮子头) - a kind of meatball. It uses selected tore shank, Hakka sweet potato powder, and specially added salted egg yolk. The taste is savory and delicious.


Hakka cuisine prefers uncontaminated food. The cooking methods are cooking, boiling, steaming and stewing, so as not to undermine the original nutrition and fibers. Hakka cuisine seldom uses seasoning that is either too heavy or too thick, generally it uses garlic and shallot to season.


Changting Hakka cuisine exudes a rich mountain air, with a distinctive village character.


While dining at the "Tao Ding Xuan" Hakka restaurant, you'll taste authentic Hakka cuisine and perhaps, you will see an old small town, beautiful and quiet.  





The chief chef, Mr. ZENG Huasheng won many international cooking awards


Chef’s specialties:


1). Venison and Deer’s Head Soup             168


Venison features high protein, low fat and is easy to digest. Deer soup is refreshing, and is known for its dietotherapy function.


2). Stone Potted Stewed Sliced Lamb            48/small portion         58/large portion


The dish is natural, healthy and tasty, it invigorates the kidney and strengthens yang, regulates and nourishes the stomach.


3). Mini Yunnan Melon          18/small portion         28/large portion


Selected fine mini melon mixed with egg yolk, sweet and crispy.


Editorial Comments: This restaurant is located at the bank of Yuandang Lake. Looking out from the private rooms on the second floor, you can see the ripples in the lake feeling relaxed and happy. On the wall hang photos of the Changting Tulou, the famous Hakka earthen building. Most dishes are light-flavored and nourishing. There are also a lot of other fine dishes that are the basis of traditional Hakka cuisine. It's worth a try.


Add: No. 101 North Huibin Road (To the left side of the entrance of the Binbei Motor City), Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5059088 5096088


SOURCE: Tao Ding Xuan


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