Spring Rolls or Bao Bing in Xiamen

Updated: 27 Mar 2009
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Chun Juan or "Spring Roll" is a fried rolled pancake filled with slices of various vegetables, meats and seafood. The local people of Xiamen called it "Bao Bing" and like to have them as traditional snacks.
The original, genuine recipe of spring rolls has been so poorly disseminated that it seems that only those residing in Southern Fujian know and appreciate it. Among them are the people of Xiamen and Quanzhou. While both make Southern Fujian their homes, they have different interpretations of the recipe and have always been competing with each other as to which tastes better. A fortuitous result is that both styles have been improved, refined, and have ultimately flourished.
Those from outside the province, even those who have had years of experience working in Xiamen, may as well be complete strangers to the genuine Xiamen Spring Roll.
 Zhongshan Road, there is a renowned
Spring Roll shop called A’qing Spring Rolls
In an alley called Ju Kou Street near Xiamen’s most popular shopping street, Zhongshan Road, there is a renowned Spring Roll shop called A’qing Spring Rolls. And A’qing, the shop owner, sells her Spring Rolls day after day, year after year, regardless of seasons.
There are many alleys around Zhongshan Road, but this alley gains fame mainly for A’qing's spring rolls. Endless tourists will find their way here carrying a travel guide. They are surprised to see the birth of this delicacy at such a small stand, which is recommended in almost every food guide, magazine, or newspaper on Xiamen local food. They eat the Spring Rolls and leave feeling satisfied.
For locals who live in Xiamen, especially young people, they like to go A’qing’s stand for one or two spring rolls while strolling around Zhongshan Road. And sometimes they may incidentally recall the excitement of rolling spring rolls at home in their childhood.
A’qing puts shredded winter bamboo shoots, cabbage, carrots, curd, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and other vegetables and mixes with diced meat, shrimp, sea oyster and other fillings in a large pot. Then she spreads the round roll skin with expert skill, and places the fillings with dipping mustard and seaweed, wraps into a roll, and delivers into our hands. The whole process was done in less than half a minute!
We curiously asked A’qing why her spring rolls are so well-known. The boss pointed to the spring roll skins and said, “They are made by our specified vendor, and we have never changed over the years!” It is no wonder that such a thin layer of skin can be stuffed with so many fillings. The roll skin is soft but with a point of toughness. Apart from A’qing’s skill, these fine dough skins contribute a lot to the savory tastes of A’qing's spring rolls.
A’qing’s spring roll's only sell for 2 Yuan each. Perhaps the most value for money food at Zhongshan Road!  After we paid the bill, A’qing immediately worked on the next spring roll, as there were many guests still waited in line for the rolls.
To be honest, if someone put cabbage, carrots or curd on the dinner table, I will not eat either of them! But can they be so delicious when they are mixed with a variety of ingredients and filled in the thin dough skin! The more I chewed the more delicious it became! Sometimes I was confused what I was chewing. The taste was so sweet, crisp and savory.
A’qing Spring Rolls (阿卿春卷)
Add: No.8 Ju Kou Street, Zhongshan Road, Xiamen
References: Some of the above materials are written by Shu Ting, Zheng Xinying and translated by WOX
 Deep fried spring rolls
Other recommended Spring Rolls
1). Vietnamese Spring Rolls    18 / 4 rolls
Vietnamese Spring Roll is a traditional Vietnamese food. The ingredients include ground pork and shrimp mixed with chopped shiitake mushrooms and grated carrot, mixed with a special seasoning and wrapped in moistened rice paper, then fried to a crispy golden colour. The rice wrapper is sealed in a roll form using egg white. They can be eaten on their own, or wrapped in a lettuce leaf and dipped in fish sauce.
Jin Lan Wan Vietnamese Restaurant (金兰湾越南餐厅)
Add: 91-1 He Xiang Xi Er Lu, Overseas Chinese Seaview Plazas, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-2074999
2). Bamboo Fungus Spring Rolls  26/small portion ¥36/large portion
This creative Spring Roll evolves from traditional Hakka Spring Roll. It uses roll skin made of edible bamboo fungus to wrap mushrooms, carrots and other vegetables. It looks crystal clear and beautiful. It is nutritional and refreshing.
Tao Ding Xuan Hakka restaurant (饕鼎轩客家私房菜)
Add: No. 101 North Huibin Road (To the left side of the entrance of the Binbei Motor City), Xiamen
Tel: 0592-5059088  5096088 
3). Cui Yu Rolls (Green Jade Rolls)             8/roll
It uses Cabbage leaf as roll skin, wrapped with shredded mushrooms, ham, shredded radish and bamboo shoots. Before serving, it will be covered with vegetable juice which is cooked out of white radish, corn, burdock, and cabbage.
San Mo Di(三摩地)
Add: No. 115 Xi Ti Villas, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-5361689  5058536
4). Shandong Roll Cake        6 / plate
The cake skin is stuffed with shredded carrots, potatoes and scallions etc, tastes refreshing.
Name: Mian Dao (面道)
Add: No 164-168 (opposite to the Zhongshan Hospital)
Tel: 0592-2289155  2205155
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