A.F.D. Western Style Bakery & Restaurant

Updated: 13 Apr 2009
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If you are looking for some western style eateries which cater healthy food with budget prices in Xiamen, here comes a newly opened Western Bakery & Restaurant.


Alex Pappy, who comes from Australia, operates his A.F.D. Western Style Bakery & Restaurant near the Exhibition Centre in Qian Pu, Xiamen.


Pappy has passion to show people about healthy way of eating. And he thinks the best way to show people about healthy way of eatting is to open a restaurant, so to promote healthy eating among his customers.


A.F.D is focus on healthy, nutritious, delicious, hygienic food. It has Pies, Pizza, Spaghetti, European Cakes, Special Breads, Organic Food, Healthy Snacks, Drinks, and Dairy products. 


The small eatery also provides vegetarian or vegan meals.


In order to serve customers with nutritious and healthy food, they have their focus on the principle below:


- - Never use artificial food additive or colouring.

- - Never use MSG or artificial taste.

- - Never deep-fry food in oil.

- - Never use pork or any other animal meats which associated with possible health risk.

    Encourage vegetarian diet

- - Provide beneficial information in the menu for customers to choose the right meal for themselves.


Already, there are good comments and feedbacks from some of its customers


 If you are confused with the opening hours, call Pappy


A.F.D is located at 918-16E, Lian Qian Road, Siming District. It is near Hua Lin Bus Stop. Buses stop at Hualin Bus Stop are Bus No.19, 30, 47, 517,530, 108, 805...


They are closed Friday 6 p.m. to Saturday 6 p.m. They are open at 6 p.m. on Saturday or you can eat there for lunch on Fridays. It’s a little confusing with the weekend opening time. If you need assistance, call Pappy on 5978927.



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Comments Area ( Total Comments: 2 )
MikesEnglish Commented on 28 Apr 2009
Great food, and a good variety of
choices. I eat here several times per
week. Try the Big chicken breast sub, or
my other favourite the chicken penne
with cheese.
amoysue Commented on 19 Apr 2009
Try their vegetarian pizza with cashew
cream instead of cheese! Also something
not on the menu but very good is their
"Shannon" salad named after my son. :)
The walnuts and apples on the salad add
a very nice flavor it also comes with
cashew cream.