Enjoying fried crab with Xiamen flavor in Lianhua area

Updated: 08 May 2009
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As a popular coastal city, Xiamen is well-known for its seafood. Most Xiamen local people like seafood, and stirred fried crab is one of the popular dishes on their table of banquets. 


To make a traditional Xiamen flavor fried crab, one of the most important items is the crab and Xiamen people usually select mud crab.


Mud crabs, also called Scylla serrata (scientific name in Latin), are full of nutriments that can be compared to abalone and sea cucumber. They abound in Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Fujian. And In Xiamen, people always call it "Hong Xun".


There are many ways to cook crab, but in Xiamen people prefer to stir-fry it with ginger, scallion, and sometimes chili. However, to make a delicious fried crab dish is not an easy thing, as you have to control the timing, temperature, as well as the sauce.


When the dish is served, just looking at the tempting outcome of the fried crab, you can hardly hesitate to have a taste of it. The crab meat will melt inside your mouth and is a flavor you will never forget.


Here are some tips for you when eating crabs.


1. According to one of the most important fundamental theories of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), food can be separated into “four natures” including “cold”, “cool”, “warm” and “hot”, which is a summary of clinical experiences. As crab belongs to cold, it is better to eat crab meat after dipping it into vinegar.


2. Crabs can not be eaten with sweet potato, pumpkin, honey, orange, pear, pomegranate, tomatoes, cantaloupe, peanuts, snail, celery, persimmon, and rabbit meat. Don’t have a cool or cold drink when eating crabs or it will lead to diarrhea. Don’t drink tea when eating crabs or within one hour after eating crabs.  


Blue crab


Mud crab


Fried crabs either stirred or panned are most famous in Lianhua area of Xiamen. There, you can find row of restaurants serving crabs as their main specialties. In summer, they are usually packed with diners. The restaurants extend their dining to include their eave and outdoor areas.


WOX has listed a selection of restaurants in the Lianhua area for you to taste Xiamen fried crab:


1). Lianhua Park Fried Crab 莲花公园煎蟹

Address: Shop 31-32, Lianxiu Li(莲秀里), Lujiang Xincheng, Lianhua Ercun, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5528582


2).Junji Fried Crab 均记煎蟹

Address: Shop 39-41, Lianxiu Li(莲秀里), Lujiang Xincheng, Lianhua Ercun, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 5565215


3). Wangxiaoer Fried Crab 王小二煎蟹

Address: 1F Hanqing Building (菡青大厦), No.8 Lianhuabei Road (beside MacDonald), Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5132358


4).Tong'an Fried Crab 同安煎蟹

Address: No. 35, Lujiangxincheng(鹭江新城), Lianhua Park, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 5567603


5). Tulongzhuang Fried Crab 土龙庄莲花煎蟹

Address: No. 16 Xianglian Li(香莲里), Lianhua Ercun (behind MacDonald), Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 5531143



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