Xiamen Emergency and Service Hotlines

Updated: 07 Mar 2007
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1.  Emergency Numbers

a. Emergency hotline: 110

b. Police: 110

c. Fire: 119

d. Ambulance: 120

e. Traffic accident: 122


2.  Households Emergency Services  


a. Water supply: 96303

b. Electricity supply faults: 95598

c. Cable TV services: 968810

d. Gas supply faults: 5053000


3.  Telecommunication Services (Phone and Mobile)


a. Operator assistance 114 (White and Yellow Pages--local call rate)

b. Cble telephone faults: 10000

c. Mobile phone faults

...--China Mobile: 10086

...--China Unicom: 10010


4.  Passenger Transports (Air, Train, Bus and Ferry)  


a. Xiamen Airport information: 6020033

b. Xiamen Train Station enquiry: 2038888

c. Long distance bus information

...--Hubinnan Station (湖滨南): 2201246

...--Shongbai Station(松柏): 5089328

d. Gulan Island ferry information: 2023493

e. Lundu Ferry Terminal: 2985551 (Fire Island, Zhangzhou Port, Longhai

 f. Tongyi Ferry Terminal: 6018114 (Zhangzhou Port


Prepared by Apple Travel @ Jan 2007

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