Eating char grilled fish in Xiamen

Updated: 20 May 2009
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When it comes to grilling, most people immediately think of beef, chicken, or even pork, but what about fish?


Most of us do not think of grilling as the best way to cook fish. We would rather fry, bake, poach, or even eat it raw on sticky rice than throw it on the grill. However, grilling is not only a tasty and nutritional way to cook fish, it is also very easy with the right tools and techniques.


Charcoal grilled fish usually includes carp, yellow croaker, grass carp, tilapia, or other species that have less fishbone and rich meat. The fish is cut in half and carefully washed to avoid a fishy odor. It is then fried until it becomes golden on both sides. After that, it will be cooked for a while with a variety of local vegetables such as celery, potato, lettuce, cucumber, or anything you like.


When almost ready, the fish is placed onto the top layer of a three-layer stainless steel tray with a real charcoal fire still burning underneath to keep everything hot.


Usually, there are different flavors of grilled fish such as hot and spicy flavor, pickled pepper, fragrant, chilli, and other flavours. If served with cold beer or just a bowl of rice, the dish will surely whet your appetite.


In Xiamen, this exciting dish is particularly popular with local people not only for its delicious taste, but for its value for money. At around 60-80 RMB, the dish is large enough for a party of 4 people to enjoy a good portion each. 




You can enjoy it in barbecue restaurants or grills, or some specialized grilled fish restaurants. The following are just a few recommended places for you to enjoy this impressive culinary experience in Xiamen.  


1. Jiang Feng Yu Huo Grill 江枫渔火

a)    Address: Haiwan Park, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-2211948

Bus: No. 11, 22, 43, 102, 504, 520, 533, 54, 810, get off at Haiwan Gongyuan (海湾公园) bus stop

b)    Address: No. 119, Chang Sheng Beili, near Changsheng Hotel, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 5118110

Bus: No. 32, 36, 40, 13, get off at Changsheng Jiu Dian (长升酒店站) bus stop

c)    Address: Shop 108, No. 945, Xiahe Rd, Xiamen

Tel: 0592- 5184588

Bus: No. 3, 17, 18, 26, 806, get off at Lianban Guomao(莲坂国贸站) bus stop


2. Feng Bo Zhuang Restaurant 风波庄

a)    Address: 118/1, Haitian Rd, Huli District, Xiamen (opposite to Luhui Bldg.)

Tel: 0592-5752717

Bus: No. 9, 11, 34, 40, 508, 521, 806, get off at Xianlu (仙鹭站) bus stop


b)    Address: Delicacy Street, Hexiang Donglu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5173557

Bus: No. 48, 808, 526, get off at Jiao Jing Zhi Dui(交警支队站) bus stop


3. Zhu Ge Grilled Fish Restaurant 诸葛烤鱼

a)    Address: No.400, Fengyu Rd, Siming District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5036856

b)    Address: Shop 13-31, Jiangtou Xilu, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5213518


4. Yu Man Tang Barbecue Restaurant 鱼满堂农夫烧烤

Address: Jiang Tou Dong Lu, just behind the Marriott Hotel, near Taiwan Street, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5554136


5. San Guo Grilled Fish Restaurant 三国烤鱼

Address: No. 297, Xianyue Rd, Siming District, Xiamen

Tel: 0592-5718789


6. Yu Fan Tian 鱼翻天

Address: 1F Mingfa Commercial Mall, near Jinyi Cinema, Siming District, Xiamen



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