Chongwu fortress - Every curving tells this ancient city of stone

Updated: 28 May 2009
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Chongwu Ancient City, located on the southern tip of Chongwu Peninsula, is a national heritage conservation unit of China. The Chongwu ancient city wall is one of the seven ancient city walls in China.


The city wall of Chongwu Ancient City, which is of 7 metres high


There are four city gates at the four directions of the city with one beacon over each gate. The city wall is 2457 metres long and 7 metres high. (The ground base is 5 metres high.) There are ramparts, embrasures, peep-holes, and apertures for archers on the wall. If you climb up to the top of the Ancient City, you can get a bird's view eye of the beach.


Historical records trace the construction of the origin of the City to defensive fortification back to the year 1387 A. D., during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. Therefore, many experts are also eager to come here for historical research.


Nowadays, Chongwu Ancient City is popular with the travellers. Most people visit there for its Stone Carving Park, which can be considered as the museum of stone carving.


The Stone Carving Park was built beside and on the beach taking an area of 9 hectares. The stone carvings there are of a large variety and with profound meaning. These stone carvings show the charm of the nature and they record the history and culture of Chongwu and China.



The stone carvings of the characters from the classical works


As you enter the Stone Carving Park, you can first see the statue of the Hui'an Women with their characteristic costume that can be only seen in Chongwu.


The statue of Qi Jiguang is standing at the axes of the park. ( Qi Jiguang is one of the national hero's in the Ming Dynasty ). It is 10.8 metres high and creates a magnificent view.

Also, there are the stone carvings of the characters from the classical works such as the Chinese Gods' Stone Carving. The character's of the four literary chefdoeuvres of China, Maitreya, Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha, and others.


 The stone carving of Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha

However, among all the stone carving groups, Yulongku(鱼龙窟)is the most attractive one. There are more than 150 kinds of stone carvings of marine animals, all of which are scattered on the beach. When you visit there, you may be attracted by the magnificent stone carving of a turtle. It is 23 metres long and 15 metres wide, and settled by the sea. Therefore, the people gave it a name of  “Turtle having fun with the water”.  

If you like, you can rent a tent to camp near the beach so as to experience a different tour in Chongwu Ancient City.


How to get there:


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1) Take coach to Quanzhou at Songbai Bus Station - and then take bus to Chongwu Ancient City.

2) Use a travel agent:


Renting a van packaged with driver is the next best alternative. Call Apple Travel to organize a group tour. If you’ve a small group, The ideal number in the group is 5 or 6.



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