Experience optical disillusion of the strange slope in Xiamen

Updated: 13 Jun 2009
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The strange slope, located at Wenzeng Road (the road to Dongping Park) near Wanshi Mountain Scenic Spot, is a popular spot for both local citizens and people from other cities. According to research, there are only 11 such strange slopes having been discovered all over the world. Shenyang, Xiamen, Henan, Xi'an, Peking, Yilan, Taiwan, Uruguay, Korea, and America are the only countries with this phenomenon. The one in Xiamen was discovered by a taxi driver in around 2006.
The strange slope in Xiamen is 70 metres long. it's called "STRANGE" because when one goes uphill on the slope one feel's as if going downhill, and vice versa.
Nowadays, there will be many people going there on the weekend. All of them would like to see its amazing mystery. It has become a must visit in Xiamen. 
There are two ways to feel the fancy of the strange slope:
1) Cycling: Cycling is the best way to see the "STRANGE" phenomenon for oneself. Therefore, when the weekend comes, one can ride on a bike to go there. For those who have no bikes, there are bikes at the strange slope for bike rental. One can pay only 1RMB for experiencing the strange slope. 
2) Driving: Expreriencing the strange slope by driving gives you a different feeling. You can turn off the engine when going uphill and the car will move on, which is really a strange phenomenon that is difficult to explain.
The strange slope, the phenomenon caused by the visual illusion
However, according to the explanation from the experts, the phenomenon of the strange slope in Xiamen is due to the visual illusion caused by the surrounding terrain.
How to get there:
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1) Go along Xiahe Road, then turn into Wenzeng Road. Go along the road to get to the Strange Slope.
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