Les Champs-Herb Garden Restaurant & Bar in Xiamen

Updated: 31 Jul 2009
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Quiet and nice dining environment of Les Champs Herb Garden Restaurant


Most people, both Chinese and expats in Xiamen, like to dine in a quiet and nice restaurant with friends after a busy day of work or for a business dinner with business relations.

Actually, there are more and more such quiet and nice restaurants in Xiamen, like the cafes on Coffee Street or the restaurants in Haiwan Park. However, besides the nice dining environment and authentic tasteful food, there is a restaurant specializing in herbs, Les Champs.

Les Champs, located at No. 8, Jialianli Villa, Lianhua, is a western restaurant bringing you a real western feeling when you first enter the restaurant, both for its dining environment and its food.


Various kinds of herbs planted in the garden by the restaurant owner

It is a wonderful small villa with a beautiful garden and surrounded by the hedges with Xiamen's city flower "San Jiao Mei". In the garden, there are plants with 30 kinds of herbs such as basil, lavender, rosemary, and mint, and all are planted by the restaurant owner.

Actually, dining in the garden of Les Champs is a really good experience, just like you are dining in the garden of your own house in the western countries. Listening to the soft music, having a cup of herb tea, and tasting the authentic western food or dishes, you can kill time in Les Champs in a relaxing way, without hearing any loud talking.



Herb tea and delicious western food in Les Champs


The dishes of the restaurant are not very big, but well balanced choices of western food and most are cooked with herbs, such as Herbed Sea Salt Pan-Fried Goose Liver with Caramel Apple, Pan-Fried Lemon Grass Flavor Cod Fillet with Kiwi Sauce, Fresh Basil Chocolate Mousse, Pizza Neapolitan and many others. You can taste the authentic western flavor of these dishes.


When dining in Les Champs, you can’t afford to miss its pizza and coffee. Its hand-tossed pizza is baked in the wood-fired brick oven. Topped with tomato-based sauce, cheese and herbs of your own favourite, the pizza tastes crispy and delicious. As for its freshly brewed coffee, it is originally made by the restaurant from the green coffee. It is served with no additives, no sugar, milk or cream.


After the main course, tasting its creamy cheese cake can well put an ending to your dining in Les Champs herb garden restaurant. It satisfies your six senses: sense of taste, sense of hearing, sense of visual, sense of smelling and sense of touch.


In WOX Today's Menu, there are more special dishes from Les Champs recommended every day. 


Address: No.8 Jialianli Villa, Lianhua Bei Road

Phone: 0592-5524343

Bus:Bus 3, 6, 7, 10, 36, 42, 46, 89, 99, get off at Lian Hua Lu Kou or Lian Hua Zhong Xue Bus Stop.



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