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Updated: 08 Aug 2009
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Harmony Dental, a professional dental clinic approved by Xiamen Health Bureau


Xiamen Harmony Dental, a professional dental clinic approved by the Xiamen Health Bureau, offers good service and dental treatment for customers. 


The dental clinic has two floors and utilizes disinfection equipments to disinfect medical devices and UV disinfection devices for indoor disinfection. The clinic follows the concept of "One person, one machine" to offer a safe and sanitary service.



The dentists in Harmony Dental has rich experience in the treament of foreigners.


Harmony Dental adopts the international management mode, uses the advanced imported technology and machines on dental fields, and sets reasonable prices to offer better service for the customers.


It gains a good reputation among all the dental clinics in Xiamen and has successfully treated thousands of domestic and foreign patients, and has a rich experience in dental implant, dental filling, dental extraction, teeth cleaning, irregular dentition reshaping, and denture restoration.


Harmony Dental adopts advanced technology that oral diseases can be successfully treated without any pain and any damage during an entire course of treatment such as teeth grinding on patients' original teeth.



Good environment of Harmony Dental


All of the dentists in Harmony Dental received Master Degree's in Oral and Dental Science from famous medical school's in China, and have more than 15 years of experience in dental clinical treatment. And Dr. Wang Yongfu is a member of the International Team for Implantology, who has rich experience in the treament of foreigners.


In addition, Harmony Dental often gives volunteer medical consultation for people, introducing the knowledge of dental health and the correct way for dental treatment. 


Address: 106 of No.15 Xidi Nanli, Xiamen (Xinlongcheng, Lujiangdao)
Contact Number: 13950052120
Contact person: Dr. Wang
Bus: Bus 35, 99, Xia 2, 66, 533 and get off at Huijingcheng Bus Stop

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