The 8th Market, Xiamen's largest traditional market

Updated: 27 Aug 2009
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Bashi nestles among  a complex of the most ancient houses
Bashi, also called the 8th market, is the biggest and oldest market in Xiamen. Located near the Lundu Ferry Terminal, Bashi has the most variety of wet goods, dried goods, local cooked food of different cities, as well as many other daily supplies. There are hundreds of vendors and stalls in the market that it will take at least a half day for your complete exploration.
Bashi is the most popular traditional market in Xiamen where you can buy whatever you need for daily life. Every day, early in the morning, Bashi is always crowded with locals and purchasers of  restaurants.  
Seeking fresh in Bashi


Bashi is most famous for its fresh seafood. There more than 100 vendors and stalls selling various fresh seafood, most of which are just caught from the sea. As Bashi is the closest market to the harbor, all the fresh-catch seafood can be quickly sent to the market. There are crabs, fish, abalones, prawns, shrimps, lobsters and many others. Therefore, Bashi is the right place for the sea-food lovers.
More than 100 vendors and stalls selling various fresh seafood
If you are not good at handling fish, chicken or other living creatures, you can ask the vendors to do it for you. You will be probably amazed by their skills.
In addition, in Bashi you can also buy Xiamen local snacks, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Tracing local Xiamen in Bashi


In the market, you can trace the most simple and real Xiamen local features. Seen from a higher building, the 8th market is nestling among a complex of the most ancient houses.
The scene in Bashi can well describe a common and real life in Xiamen with most people speaking Minnan dialect, the bargaining between buyers and sellers, and many old buildings with Xiamen local features.
If there is a festival, you can also find different kinds of goods especially sold for the festival. For example, there are couplets, rice cakes, and lanterns during the spring festival. Different flavors of rice dumplings are prevailing during Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival).
More photos of Bashi:
How to get there:


1) Bus No.97, 71, 52, 201, 506, 625, 806, and get off at Kaihe Lukou Bus Stop (开禾路口站)
2) Bus No.8, 10, 21, 12, 19, 23, 27, 31, 32, 532. Get off at Lundu Bus Stop (轮渡站)
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