Huang Family Mansion- the State Guest House in Gulangyu

Updated: 08 Sep 2009
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Huang Family Mansion was known as the China’s No. 1 Villa
Located at No.25 Huangyan Road, Xiamen, the Huang Family Mansion isn’t a common private residence. It is luxurious, elegant and brimming with European flavor.
The building features amorous feelings from Europe Continent.
All of the stairs, railings, verandas and even the outside steps are made of white marbles imported from Italy, while the furniture, doors, windows and drop ceilings are made of luxurious wood.
The Chinese antique shelf, ornamental engraving bronze fireplace and exquisitely decorated colonnades highlight its unique blend of East and West.
It was known as the China’s No. 1 Villa when it was built by a sugar magnate called Huang Yizhu in the 1920s. Many dignitaries were privileged to be guests of it, including Chiang Kai Shek, Wang Ching-weis and Tsai Ting-kai.
After liberation, Xiamen government took over the Huang Family Mansion and converted it into a State Guest House. During 1950 to 1970, it had accommodated many state and official guests who visited Xiamen.
The most important guests who had lived right here included Deng Xiaoping, Wang Zhen, China’s top ten marshals and also overseas visitors such as former U.S. President Nixon, former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew.
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