Fengdong Rock of Dongshan Island

Updated: 09 Sep 2009
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Dongshan Island, listed as a popular scenic site in Fujian, is located in the south of Zhangzhou. The island covers an area of 194 square kilometres and is gifted with natural and historical sceneries, such as beaches, bays, ancient city, fresh seafood and many others. It takes approximately 2 hours drive to Dongshan Island from Xiamen.

One of the most amazing, popular and famous tourist attractions at Dongshan Island is Fengdong Rock ( Wind Moving Rock )Scenic Spot, a National AAAA scenic spot located at the east end of Tonglin Town, Dongshan County. It is 120 km from Zhangzhou city, 135 km from Shantou and 209 km from Xiamen.
The Fengdong Rock scenic spot has an area of 15 hectares. The major tourist attractions include Fengdong Rock, Guandi Temple, Tongshan Ancient Town, Baozhi Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Huang Daozhou Memorial Hall, Dongshan Museum, the residential relics of Huang Daozhou, stele corridor, folk custom corner, Mural of Sun rock, Guizi Rock, octagon ancient well and some others.
Fengdong Rock


Fengdong Rock, an amazing rock in the world

The Fengdong Rock enjoys a reputation of the first amazing rock in the world. There are only a few Fengdong Rocks in the world.
The grand Fengdong Rock of Dongshan is 4.37 metres high, 4.57 metres wide, 4.69 metres long and about 200 tons weight.It nestles at the edge of the cliff, and the contact area between the rock and land is only a few inches. Seen from the side of the rock from afar, the rock is likely to roll down from the cliff if someone gives it a push or if there is a gust of wind. Therefore, people gave it the name Fengdong Rock, meaning the rock may probably be shaken by the wind.
Tongshan Ancient Town


Tongshan Ancient Town, originally built in Ming Dynasty

Tongshan Ancient Town, originally built in the Ming Dynasty, used to be a fortress. The ancient city has 4 gates at four directions. Standing on the ancient city, you can get a view of the beautiful beach and sea landscapes. It is considered as one of the five ancient cities at the seafrontier of Fujian. The city is of 571 zhang ( 1 zhang = 3.33 metres ) perimetre, 2.1 zhang high, has 864 parapet walls and 16 shacks.
Guandi Temple


Guandi Temple is considered as a rare architectural treasure of ancient buildings

Guandi Temple originates in the Ming Dynasty. The Guandi Temple have a great influence on the local people as well as Taiwan peole. Its culture has been well spreaded throughout Taiwan. It is recorded there are 172 Guandi Temple in Taiwan.
The attraction of Guandi Temple is its architectural feature, stone carving, wood carving and porcelain carving. The experts considered Guandi Temple as a rare architectural treasure of ancient buildings. And the temple has been listed as a State Protected Historic Site.
How to get there:


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1) Self-driving: Go to Dongshan by Zhangxia Highway and Zhangzhao Highway - then turn to S201 Provincial Highway and X544 County Road to get to Fengdong Rock Scenic Spot.


2) Use a travel agent:


Renting a van packaged with driver is the next best alternative. Call Apple Travel to organize a group tour. If you've a small group, The ideal number in the group is 5 or 6.




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