Xiamen's e-Tong Card makes it easy for long stay foreigners

Updated: 11 Sep 2009
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Xiamen’s e- Tong (touch and pay card) is an electronic payment system using a contactless smartcard. It is a simple way to pay fares on public transport in Xiamen. It also extended its reach into simple micro payments for purchases in retail outlets. It has become a part of everyday life to Xiamen people and long stay foreigners who use public transport system, and some other services as mention above.



                   e-Tong card                            


Where to use your e-Tong card


l Transportation

1) Xiamen BRT

2) Buses

    Xiamen public Bus, Xiamen Haicang Bus, Xiamen Tong’an Bus, Xiamen Teyun Bus, Baihe minibus

    Zhangzhou Changyun Bus

    Longyan Bus

3) Ferries

    Lundu Ferry

4) Taxies

    Haixia Taxi


l Micro payments

1) Postal services

 Xiamen postal newsagent

2) Supermarket

    Tianhong Shopping Mall

    Xinhuadu Shopping Mall

    Beatrice Chain Stores

    Mingxing Supermarket

3) Entertainment

    World Trade Mall Jinying Cinema

    Piaoran City Hair Saloon

    Xiamen No.1 Middle School gymnasium

4) Hospital (outpatient department)

    Xiamen Zhongshan Hospital

 The First Hospital of Xiamen

 Xiamen Hospital of T.C.M.

 Xiamen #2 Hospital

 Chinese People's Liberation Army No.174 Hospital

5) Catering

    Huangzehe chain stores

    8+8 chain restaurants

    Sunmile Bakery

    USM Bread House

    Lvyuan chain restaurants

    Government agencies cafeterias

    Universities cafeterias

    Enterprises cafeterias


How to use your e-Tong card


1)      Cardholders don’t have to pay any extra charges when using e-Tong card. Just place the e-Tong card close to the POS and the exact amount will be deducted from the card.

2)      If the balance of your e-Tong card is positive but insufficient to cover the full cost of your next transaction, you can overdraw it for one time. It will be recovered when your card is reloaded.

3)      If the value on your e-Tong card is zero or negative, your e-Tong card cannot be used until it is reloaded.

4)      The card will be valid for 2 years from the last added value date. If it is frozen, you can enable it in the specified post offices


How to get your e-Tong card


1) e-Tong cards can be purchased at the following channels:

Xiamen e-Tong card Customer Service Centers, any post office in Xiamen, Lundu Ferry Terminal, Maxiang Bus Station, Jimei Bus Station, Tong’an Bus Station, Songbai Coach Station, Haicang Bus Dispatching station and Wenping Bus Dispatching station


2) Self-service reload:

Any Commercial Bank in Xiamen



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