Chinese hot pot in Xiamen

Updated: 10 Oct 2009
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Hot pots have become a fashionable way to eat out in Xiamen
Chinese Hot Pot is similar to European fondue. It is believed that Asian Hot Pot originated in the northern regions of Mongolia. Although there are no toasted bread cubes dipped in melted Swiss cheese, or lush strawberries bathed in rich melted chocolate, Hot Pot offers the pallet a wide variety of flavors.
Different kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetables are placed into a hearty broth until cooked and then usually dipped into a fermented soybean & sesame sauce.
Hot Pot meals are often eaten during the cold winter months and is an integral part of both northern and southern Chinese cuisine that should not be missed. Over the last couple of years, hot pots have become a very fashionable way to eat out in Xiamen.
Located at the southern coast, Xiamen hot pots are featured with fresh seafood, green vegetables, and the various flavours of fish balls or meat balls.
Today in Xiamen, the choice of hot-pot styles is almost as overwhelming as their fragrance. There are Mongolian and Manchurian, Beijing shuan-shuan, northeastern "sour-veg, white meat," and Sichuan "numbing-spicy". One can also find Japanese shabu-shabu, Korean kimchi and stone-pot styles, Thai and other curries.
Among all styles of hot pots, the popular ones are Beijing shuan-shuan and Sichuan "numbing-spicy", and "Yuanyang" hot pot (half spicy and half clear).
Restaurants for tasting hot pots in Xiamen:
Little Sheep  小肥羊
466 Nanshan Lu, Huli
Tel: 0592-5664488
59-61 Yuxiuli, Tiyudong Cun, Hubinbei Lu
Tel: 0592-5031888
80-82 Hexiangxi Lu
Tel: 0592-2226498
Xiao Mian Yang 小绵羊
28-30 Lianbin Li, Hubinbei Lu
Tel: 0592-5050011
Hutu 糊涂火锅
10 of 267 Hexiangxi Lu
Tel: 0592-2291718
Li Lao Liu 李老六火锅
20 Huming Lu

Tel: 0592-5369902
69 Jinbang Lu
Tel: 0592-5175320
2F Fuxing Dasha, Xiahe Lu
Tel: 0592-3858777
Xiang Pai Fang 香牌坊
2F Jialian Dasha, 170 Jiahe Lu
Tel: 0592-5594671
Tan's Hotpot 谭火锅
Yuxiuli, Hubinbei Lu
Tel: 592-5093838
Taoxiang Shuan-shuan Guo 陶乡涮涮锅
68 Yuxiu Li, Hubinbei Lu
Tel: 0592-5888423
47 Shengping Lu
Tel: 0592-2039166
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