Sea Dyke Oolong, an unforgettable flavour for Xiamen people

Updated: 13 Oct 2009
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Sea Dyke Oolong


Mellow in cup, fragrant in flavour and pleasant in after taste, Sea Dyke Oolong is famous among Xiamen tea lovers. It has witnessed the tea history of Xiamen over the century and can be called a miracle in Xiamen or even China.


An old Minnan (South of Fujian) saying goes: “If there is rice in the rice vat, there must be tea in the tea canister.” Nowadays, tea has become a part of daily life in Xiamen. But in the early days, tea was said to be ‘more precious than gold’ and only can be seen in the rich man's homes, common people could only enjoy it occasionally.


Tea became popular after the liberation. In the late 1970s, China opened the right to operate tea business' and Xiamen’s tea was the only one tea which was allowed to enter the market. Sea Dyke Oolong, featuring its soy sauce colour and fragrant flavour, is the most representative among them.


The Sea Dyke tea shop, located on Shuixian Road, is the oldest tea shop in Xiamen. It was the only tea shop for internal trade in Xiamen in the early days. At that time, people lined up outside the shop at 7:30 a.m. to buy tea everyday. Zhang Shuicun, the first shop manager said the first thing they did in the morning was to distribute numberd plates to their costumers and there were often more than 100 people outside the shop every morning.


Today, Sea Dyke Brand has been honoured as a Fujian Top Brand Product, Fujian Famous Brand, Xiamen Export Famous Brand and Xiamen Famous Brand. It has been shipped to over 40 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Japan, the EU and the United States.



Strolling around the city, you can see people making tea in front of their houses every where. Xiamen people love tea, especially Oolong and Sea Dyke Oolong is usually their favourite. It accompanies with the growth of three generations of Xiamen people and has been deeply rooted in their mind. Sea Dyke Oolong isn’t only a brand for them, but also a memory, a history and an emotion.


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