Gulong market - Main fabric & tailor market in Xiamen

Updated: 09 Nov 2009
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Gulong Commerce Centre which is located in the eastern section of Hexiangxi Road, has the biggest fabric market in Xiamen. It consists of over 150 fabrics stores, tailor's shops and garment accessorie stores all under one roof.


A heaven for DIY's


Waking into the fabric market, you must prepare to be dazzled by mountains of colourful fabrics, laces, ribbons, buttons and beads. No matter you are common buyers or purchasers of garment factories, you can find satisfying products here.




Goods here are also known for their cheap price. You can buy some goods at a price half of that paid for similar products on the market. A satin corsage which costs nearly 30 yuan in other markets is sold for less than ten yuan here. And a big bag of beads is only about ten yuan, almost the cheapest you can find in Xiamen.


This fabric market is, as it were, a heaven for DIY's. You can buy anything you need for making clothes, dolls, accessories, decors and some household articles. But if you are not good at handiwork, it doesn’t matter, the sellers and tailor’s shops here can help you to complete your design.


Tailor's shops



There are more than 20 tailor's shops in this fabric market. They have rich experience in altering clothes and custom-tailoring.


“We have any kinds of materials and can make any kinds of clothes in the world” a tailor’s shop owner said.




These tailor's shops offers many kinds of fabrics, including silk, wool, cotton and linen, as well as foreign materials, such as Italian wool and British wool. They can design clothes for clients or make the clothes according to the customers’ own designs or even pictures in magazines.




They can design many styles of clothes including fashion clothing, suits, qipao dress, Chinese tunic suit, shirt, and uniforms with different grades. They also tailor performance clothing and wedding dresses.  


A tailor who was just cutting the cloth said: “These are ordered by a Singaporean troupe. We are always busy at the end of each year with several foreign orders.”




“Each of our wedding dresses costs 300 yuan, including the cost of material and making charges. We can make any cloth on this magazine.” said a tailor shop manager who was just reading a magazine.


Except clothes, they also supply tailor-made scarves and curtains. Common curtain materials cost 15 yuan each metre and 9 yuan processing charges for each metre. 


How to get there:


Bus No.808, 528, 526, 201, 97, 85, 48, 35, 18, and get off at Huzhong Lukou Bus Stop (湖中路口站)
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