Electronics Centre - Xiamen's largest electronics market

Updated: 13 Nov 2009
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Where do most of the local Xiamen people buy digital products? The answer is not large electronics retailers like Yongle and Suning, not shopping malls like SM and World Trade Centre Yuzhou, but at the Xiamen Electronic Centre, which is located in Hubinnan Road.




Just near the Electronic Centre Bus Stop (电子城站Dianzi Cheng Bus Stop), there are four buildings named Xiamen Electronic City(厦门电子), Dazheng Computer City (大正电脑城), Holiday Digital City(假日电子城) and Buynow(百脑汇), constituting the biggest electronics market in Xiamen.


There are hundreds of stores in the electronic center. Not only small retail stores, but also many world famous brands and domestic well-known brands, such as Dell, Lenovo and Samsung, also opened their stores in the electronic center. They sell the most variety of computer parts, peripherals, software, mobiles, cameras, Hi Fi, media players as well as computer maintenance services.




Many leading brands are often sold at good discounts here, but you must be careful of fake goods if the prices are improperly low. Generally speaking, brand stores have quality guaranteed goods while small retail stores offer favorable prices.


At the Electronics Centre, you can bargain with the sellers. After bargaining, you can also ask for a discount if you decide to receive a store receipt(收据) instead of tax receipt(发票). Sellers have to pay taxes if you ask for tax receipt (good consumers pay their taxes and make sure sellers pay theirs too). Make sure you have either one or both. Buyers can only enjoy warranty with the production of receipt.


Besides computer maintenance services, they also offer hard drive data recovery service and CD burning service. You can also sell your used computers and laptops here.


How to get there:


Bus No.30, 810, 505, 501, 99, 45, 43, 23, 15,10, 厦20, and get off at Dianzi Cheng Bus Stop (电子城站)
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