Buying a laptop in Xiamen

Updated: 15 Nov 2009
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ASUS SU3500 laptop


Xiamen has one of the world's best Internet connectivity, it is cheap and convenient. In most of the hotels, cafes and even public places, wireless connections are common. With this, having a highly portable laptop makes very good sense in Xiamen,


Also, nowadays, computer is becoming more and more important in our daily life. It makes our life much more convenient for we can get news on the internet, chat with our friends and relatives and buy what you want without going out of home. And the laptop is popularized for its convenience. Since there are various brands of laptops in China market, some of them are real and some of them are “a real fake” or a “fake fake”. If you have little knowledge on this trade, you will probably be cheated. So How to buy a laptop in China?


First, you should make preparations as much as you can, such as which type is the most appropriate or you want, the configuration and the prices of the laptop. Don’t change your mind when the sales man recommended a so-called the best and cheapest one. Even if the one he recommended is good, you should ask the price in other shops.

Second, there are many skills for inquiring the prices. You may tell the salesman the accurate model number of the laptop you are looking for. Do not ambiguous about the model of laptop you wanted, or the salesman will take advantage of it and quote a unreasonable price because they think that you are not an expert on the laptop. Beware of prices that are too good to be true as well as prices that seem too high – in China, paying a lot more for something doesn’t necessarily make it any more real.


Third, many computer manufacturers will present some gifts to the consumers, such as a Broadcom wireless LAN driver, a bag or an extra battery. Remember to ask for the gifts.


1. You can invite a friend who is an expert on how to choose a laptop to go with you if you don’t know much about the laptop.
2. In China, the after-sale services of IBM, Lenovo, Founder, ASUS, Acer are much better. You should ask the seller for a guarantee, and make sure that it is sealed.
3. Most foreign teachers have reported a good deal of success and satisfaction with Lenovo laptops – a decent one, that can comfortably run Windows XP, should cost no more than 8,000 yuan (about USD $US1,032).
4. If you plan on staying in China for awhile, you should consider buying a good desktop system, which should run you around 3,000 yuan! for a standard model with latest features and standard capability.


The best place to shop for a laptop or a computer in Xiamen is the Electronics Centre at Hubinan Road not far from Bailuzhou Park. A latest model ASUS laptop SU3500, 15.6' LED screen, Wireless LAN, 500GB HD,  3GB RAM,  Core2 CPU and with 2 years global warranty cost 5800yuan after bargain at one of the ASUS computer agents at the centre.




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