14 places in Xiamen to beware pickpockets

Updated: 08 Jan 2010
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Pickpocketing is generally a problem in many cities, and Xiamen is not an exception. According to police, most of the pickpocketing cases are committed in the following 14 places in Xiamen.



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Bus pickpocketing: (14)Xiada Xicun Stop, (4)Taihe Huayuan Stop, (3)Fuhuan Dasha Stop(near SM Shopping Mall), (2)Yueyang Xiaoqu Stop, (6)Caitang Stop, (9)Lundu Stop, (8)Lvcuo Stop(on Lvling Road), (13)Dongfang Shanzhuang Stop.


Street pickpocketing: (5)Houpu Road, (8)Lvling Road, (3)the area around SM Shopping Mall, (1)Haitian Road.


Store pickpocketing: (7)Lianban business area, (12)Railway Station business area, (10) Zhongshan Road shopping area, (8)SM Shopping Mall, (11)Hexiang Xi Road shopping area.





Characteristics of pickpocketing cases:

1. Most of the bus pickpocketing cases happen during rush hour, and mainly in bus stops with heavy passenger flow or on crowed buses.

2. The victims of street pickpocketing are often women or elderly people.

3. Store pickpocketing cases often happen in shopping centres, storefront shops and diners.


Avoid being pickpocketed


Bus Pickpocketing:

4. Pay attention to people who always look about or someone who bumps you deliberately.

5. Don’t take money from your wallet at the bus stop. Prepare the change in advance.

6. Don’t use your cell phone on the bus. If you have to answer the phone, hold your cell phone in your hand until you get off the bus.


Street Pickpocketing:

7. Don’t put your valuables in your coat pocket as winter clothes are thick and people are not always aware of what happens.

8. Please conceal your jewelry. Whenever possible, valuables should be kept in a handbag.

9. Beware of the distraction tactic. Dropping something near you, squirting something on you, or simply jostling you. Be on guard when in crowds, and secure your belongings.

10. Pickpockets often work in pairs or groups and it’s not just the usual suspects. Be cautious with any strangers—sometimes people who don’t look like they’d be a threat, such as children or the elderly, can be part of larger operations.


Store pickpocketing:

11. Keep you purse or bag with you at all times.

12. Don’t put your passport, driving license or ID card with your bank card. Pickpockets may find out your bankcard password from your credentials.


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