Info about buying a car in Xiamen for a foreigner

Updated: 12 Mar 2010
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Though the public transportation in Xiamen is quite convenient, sometimes you just need something more private. Having an own car is more convenient especially when you want to go out for travelling around.
Buying a car in Xiamen can be a challenge, but this guide will smooth the roads for any prospective buyer.

Things You'll Need:

- An A.R.C. (Alien Residency Certificate)
- A driver's license
- A chop (a name stamp) 

Step 1: If purchasing a used car, make sure that you get it reliably inspected. Finding good quality second hand car is a concern. Experts can help you in checking vehicles for mechanical faults, language translation, and generally ensuring a smooth transaction.
Step 2: If you are getting a new car, please be informed that the price of a new car is negotiable. If you don't bargain well, bring someone along who can! You'll get a much better deal and save thousands.
Step 3: Make sure you understand all the paperwork you are signing. Although the paperwork and documentation may all be in Mandarin Chinese, it is important to check that the engine and chassis numbers and colour on the vehicle match that of its documentation. It is illegal to register and/or operate a vehicle with mismatching documents.
Step 4: If asked, it is fine to hand over your A.R.C. for a couple of days. The salesperson may need that time to register the vehicle under its new name at the motor vehicle office. If you feel more comfortable, accompany the salesperson to the office.
Step 5: Upon purchase you will typically need to make a token deposit. The deposit will be reflected on the contract.
Step 6: Make sure before driving the car that you are fully insured. China has a higher rate of road accidents than many Western countries, but insurance costs are relatively low. It is the vehicle, not the driver that is insured in China. This means that any licensed driver may use the car without additional insurance.
The following is the list of some big and professional auto markets and brand cars' specialty shops:
Xiamen auto market:
Binbei Auto City  滨北汽车城

Add: No. 101, Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen
Brands: BUICK, CHEVROLET, Mitsubishi Motors, Hyundri, 东风风神, Karry, Chery, 宏韬
Buses: No. 805, 97, 85, 72, Xia36, 15, the nearest bus stop is Qi Xing Lu (七星路)
Taicheng Group Quanfangwei Auto Service Centre  泰成集团全方位汽车服务中心

Add: No. 101, Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen
Brands: BUICK, CHEVROLET, TOYOTA, Cadillac, SAAB, Roewe
Brand cars' specialty shops:

Shop: Xiamen Zhongbao Automobile Co., Ltd  厦门中宝汽车有限公司
Add: No.1267, Maqing Road, Haicang District, Xiamen
Tel: 6053888

Shop name: Xiamen C&D Automobile Co., Ltd  厦门建发汽车有限公司
Add: Shop 105-107, Xinglong Cheng 2, No. 16, Xidi Nanli, Siming District, Xiamen
Tel: 2393911

Shop name: Xiamen Shengyuan TOYOTA Auto Sales Service Co., Ltd 
Add: No. 2009, Maqing Road, Haicang District, Xiamen
Tel: 6191888
Great Wall

Shop name: Wanguo Automobile Co., Ltd  万国汽车贸易有限公司
Add: 200 meters off Jichang Lukou, Zhongpu Viaage, Jiahe Road
Tel: 5626166

Shop name: Rongji Automobile Co., Ltd  荣基汽车有限公司
Add: Linhou Road, Huli District (100 meters off Jinshang Jichang Lukou)
Tel: 5731111

Shop name: Saierfu Automobile Co., Ltd  塞尔福汽车有限公司
Add: Opposite of Swire Airport, Jichang Er Hao Lu
Tel: 5733100

Shop name: Saierfu (Xiamen) Trade Co., Ltd  塞尔福(厦门)贸易有限公司
Add: No. 220, Gaoqi Wu Lu
Tel: 5720688, 5720689
Mercedes Benz


Shop name: Xiamen Konggang Hangxing Auto Repair Service Co., Ltd 

Add: Near Xiamen Jichang Dadao
Tel: 5732999


Shop name: Xiamen Xiangyu Shenghua Yanji Co., Ltd  厦门象屿胜华元机电有限公司
Add: 200 meters at the southwest of Gaoqi International Airport Hotel
Tel: 5733333, 5733133
Shanghai Volkswagen  上海大众

Shop name: Xiamen Shenmin Automobile Co., Ltd  厦门申闽汽车有限公司
Add: No. 807-809, Jiahe Road, Huli District
Tel: 5621353
Beijing Hyudai  北京现代

Shop: Xiamen Guorong AutoSales Service Co., Ltd  厦门国戎汽车销售服务有限公司
Add: Malong Auto Trading Market, Jiahe Road, Huli District
Tel: 5702222

Shop name: Xiamen Taicheng Auto Service Co., Ltd  厦门泰成汽车服务有限公司
Add: Tongji Building, No. 99, Huli Dadao, Huli District
Tel: 6039588, 5111691

Shop name: Xiamen Taicheng Zhizun Auto Service Co., Ltd  厦门泰成致尊汽车服务有限公司
Add: Liantai Building, No. 41-43, Huli Dadao, Huli District
Tel: 2632888

Shop name: Xiamen C&D Auto Co., Ltd   厦门建发汽车有限公司
Add: No. 54, Huli Dadao, Huli District, Xiamen
Tel: 5033030

Shop name: Xiamen Daban Tongshang Auto Trading Co., Ltd  厦门市大邦通商汽车贸易有限公司
Add: No. 2, Changhao Road, Huli Zaishang, Huli District
Tel: 5626888, 5626666


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