Xiamen '110 emergency call service'

Updated: 06 Aug 2010
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The command centre of Xiamen Public Security Bureau was established in September 1995. There are 5 departments in the command centre including dispatch department, technical support department, image monitor department, security protection department and secretary department. It's a young team with 100 staff members.
The new command hall has set 72 work seats for "110", 180 lines for "110" calls and 183 video monitors.
Six ways to use the "110 emergency call service":

1. Voice alarm: dial "110" on phone
2. Message alarm: send a text message to 05922110110
3. MMS alarm: send an MMS to 13600900110
4. Fax alarm: send a fax to 0592-2110122
5. E-mail alarm: send an E-mail to
6. Free PO Box alarm: send a letter to Xiamen 110,  (postcode: 361003)
Services provided by the Xiamen "110"
1. Set up the "110" Sobering-up Room and Mentally Ill Patients Room
2. Establish the database of follow-up cards for the aged and lost people
3. Set up the "110 Emergency Call Locator Sign' and "Rock Locator Sign"
4. Linkage and cooperation on unlocking services
5. Foreign languages emergency call service
In 1998, Xiamen "110" opened the foreign language service. In 2003, it recruited volunteers to provide emergency call service with 8 languages including English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. Then in 2007, it built the volunteers team, created QQ groups and normalized the foreign language emergency call services. It effectively solved the difficulties that foreigners encountered in calling for emergency service.
In order to distinguish the foreign languages, police developed an assistant system for foreign language call system. It can distinguish the language the first time foreigners calling for help. Then it provides 8 languages for choice by pressing the key accordingly.
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