Shopping in Xiamen: Christmas & New Year specials - Part I

Updated: 24 Nov 2010
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Xiamen, a coastal city with a small town feel and its own unique features, is attracting many foreign visitors every year. It is no doubt why it is one of the most important places for foreign visitors to China. Consequently, the various gift choices will bring your trip a dynamic and exultant shopping experience for sure.
Xiamen is seen as one of the most livable cities in China. As a visitor in Xiamen, you can feel that everything is laid back. Let us be your personal shopping guide to see the city's best shopping venues! It's critical for foreigners to bargain as local merchants often try to make a bigger profit on foreign visitors. This article will introduce Xiamen by dividing it into 7 sections including high street shopping, home furnishing stores, Oil Painting Village, electronic markets, tea ceremonies, and antiques and decorative objects. Below, you'll find the best locations for shopping in Xiamen. Enjoy your shopping!
Zhongshan Lu Pedestrian Street
ZhongShan Lu Pedestrian Street  
Zhongshan Lu enjoys its reputation as the most flourishing and prosperous commercial pedestrian Ssreet and shopping hotspot in Xiamen. Though there is also plenty of shopping elsewhere in the city, locals list the pedestrian walkways of Zhongshan Lu as their all time favorite shopping area. It is said, your trip in Xiamen is incomplete without visiting Zhongshan Lu. The opening hours of the majority of stores are from 9am until very late at night. You can find wide variety of products with fair prices at various small retail stores along the street. Have a great time shopping! 
ZhongShan Lu Pedestrian Street
By the way, if you are a bargain hunter and looking for some cheaper bulk items, Zhongshan Lu is definitely the must-go place. Exploring shops lining Zhongshan Lu is always a great way to pick up items at bargain prices since there are plenty of gift ideas and various souvenirs, although the quality and prices of goods can vary considerably between vendors. In addition, when buying products, haggling is a must!
The Wyndham Hotel is an ideal home base for foreign visitors rambling around bustling Zhongshan Lu pedestrian avenues and other popular attractions. The hotel is centrally located in downtown Xiamen. Enjoying all shopping destinations within walking distance from Wyndham Hotel's super excellent location is a foreign shopper's delight.
High Street shopping
Special Recommendation for Men and Women
Lady Street (Jukoujie)
Today, many of the fashion boutiques in Xiamen lining Zhongshan Lu include a completely diverse assortment of goods including high-end fashion, specializing jewelers, accessories and even some discount factory outlets for foreign visitors. You can make your Xiamen visit a good shopping experience by browsing in other major shopping venues. There are endless possibilities only minutes from Wyndham Hotel. 
Lady Street (Jukoujie): a shopping paradise for girls
Xiamen's most fashionable shops and lively marketplaces are located around Lady St. Other shopping zones like North and South Siming Road respectively have their own characteristics where you can expect to find plenty of decent clothing at relatively low prices. However, Lady Street (Jukoujie) is the busiest and the better-known women specialty shopping street that carries an eclectic mix of latest fashion, clothing, shoes and accessories. The goods sold here are cheaper than any department store, and the area is perfect for expats who seek apparel and shoes. In addition, plus size clothing, lingerie and pyjamas can be found along the street. Remember, no prices are fixed!
Furthermore, more and more factory outlets selling designer clothes for both men and women, mostly out-of-season stock, are opening up throughout the malls.
Xiamen's Paragon Centre Shopping Mall 
Paragon Centre, Xiamen
Paragon Centre is dominating Xiamen's commercial district, which is currently Fujian's top sophisticated and high end shopping centre for luxurious products that vary from a wide range of fashion and accessories. It is home to about 50 internationally renowned brands such as Gucci, Maxmara, and Emporio Armani. Expats will find ready-made suits, smart casual clothes, business and casual shirts, accessories, and outerwear with a good range of western sizes, particularly if they are looking for a less trendy but smart kind of look.
Taoyitao Fashion Clothes City
Taoyitao Fashion Clothes City is the biggest shopping mall for women's clothing in Fujian province and is located at Zhongshan Road with over 500 stores spread over an area of
10,000 square meters. Fashion apparel and any kind of clothing accessories, jewelries or styles of young women's fashion can be found here. It aims to provide fashionable products with a fair price. The target group of customer are ladies between the ages of 16-29 with a relatively low price. Don't forget to bargain hard before you buy something from here.
Around Xiamen University Campus
This is situated less than 1,000 m away from Xiamen University with large assortment of stores. This street is different from other business areas because it has an atmosphere in accordance with the culture of Xiamen University. Besides, some boutiques offer exclusive locally made items and personalized products for ideal gifts. Definitely worth a visit!
Gulong Fabric and Tailor market
Gulong Fabric and Tailor market  
Gulong Commerce Centre, which is located in the eastern section of Hexiang West Road, is a huge fabric market in Xiamen known as a heaven for DIY's. It consists of over 150 fabric stores, tailor's shops and garment accessories stores all under one roof.
Due to the sizing range of foreigners being bigger than Chinese, the tailoring service is excellent, though it may be a good idea to bring an outfit that looks and fits great on you. It's important to find same softness fabric and have a few copies made in different colors with styling variations. Depends on your budget and preference, they'll help you choose the fabric.
There are more than 20 tailor shops in this fabric market with rich experience in altering clothes and custom-tailoring. It offers many kinds of fabrics, including silk, wool, cotton and linen, as well as foreign materials, such as Italian wool and British wool. They can design clothes for local and expats or make the clothes according to the customers' own designs or even pictures in magazines. They can design many styles of clothes including fashion clothing, suits, qipao dresses, Chinese tunic suits and shirts with different grades. They also tailor performance clothing and wedding dresses.
Children's Clothing
Thinking of where to get your little kiddies' birthday gift or Christmas present? Xiamen has many places where you can go to shop or get ideas on what to buy. Bring your kiddies along with you. 
Recommended Shopping Places for Children
Kids Street
The best-known Kids Street includes various stores with children's clothes, shoes, toys, children's wears and other kids stuffs. You can choose all you need for your kiddies there. Do visit the Kids Street!
Address: Dazhong Road, Siming District, Xiamen
One-stop children's department store 
Dayi Commercial City, Xiamen
The children's department store in the Dayi Commercial City, on the east section of Zhongshan Road, is known as the professional one-stop children's department store. It sells all kinds of toys for kids, both imported and locally made. All these stores are located at major shopping mall in commercial areas. Let's relax and have coffee or dinner nearby, it's all within walking distance.
SM City Plaza
SM City Plaza, Xiamen
There are a collection of toy stores located on the second floor of SM Shopping Mall by the way!
Add: SM City Plaza is situated at the intersection of Xianyue Road and Jiahe Road.
Changyou Toy Store
Inside Eastern Paris Mall, located on Jiahe Road, there is Changyou Toy Store which has an extensive collection of toys; also check out the one on Dazhong Road nearby Zhongshan Road.
Add: No. 354, Jiahe Road, Huli District, Xiamen (inside Eastern Paris Mall, opposite Rainbow Shopping Mall)
Tea Ceremony 
Nowadays, the popularity of tea culture is evidenced with the numbers of tea merchants in the city. Practically every corner you turn in the streets of Xiamen will no doubt you will see a tea house. The most popular among Xiamen and Fujian tea users are Oolong, Da Hong Pao and kungfu tea. Some tea houses provide free tasting, although you are not obliged to purchase after tasting. However, just be aware that the salesperson can be pushy trying to sell you sometimes. 
Practically every corner you turn in the streets of Xiamen will no doubt you will see a tea house
Tea vacuum packaging and special gift packs are also available for souvenirs and also make a great business gift for relatives and friends. Tea can vary in prices depending on its grade and type. The difference in prices could be ten times. To make sure you don’t get overcharged, do ask the price before you buy.
Electronic Markets
Buynow Computer Shopping Mall
 Buynow Computer Shopping Mall in Xiamen
The better-known electronic street with a large varity of digital products lining Hubin Nan Road is housed in a traditional Chinese style building which is organized neatly into individual shops within the building specializing in different aspects of electronics. If you seek cheap goods for good deals this place is worth a visit!
You’ll find this is a good place to shop around for good deals on all kinds of electronics including computers, laptops, computer equipment, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras as well as some computer software programs. The underground floor especially has a comprehensive brands of cell phones such as Nokia, Iphone and Blackberry. Bargain hard! Please note some shops don’t include a warranty.
Electronic and Home Furnishing Stores 
Throughout the hardware stores, an abundance of craftwork is available including household electrical appliances, home décor and house wares with a large variety of household items such as kitchenware, chopsticks, knives, napkin, tablemats, vases, and much more. They offer good contemporary design at a reasonable price. Also it's likely essential to any expatriates living in Xiamen, especially families with children. Below you could find stores selling s wide range of electronic accessories and houseware items.
Special Recommendation for Electronic and Home Furnishing Stores
Gome Electronic Appliances (国美电器)
Longmen Branch
Add: 1-3F, Longmen Tianxia, 678 Xianyue Lu, Xiamen
Jiahe Branch
Add: 49 Siming NanLu, Xiamen
Zhongshan Branch
Add: 1F, Fukang Plaza, Entrance of Lianhua Lu, Xiamen
B&Q (百安居)
Add:Zone B, Mingfa Commercial Square, Xiamen
Suning Electronic Appliance(苏宁电器)
Lianhua Branch
Add: 203-204 Dongsi Zone, Jiangtou Furnishing Market, Xiamen
Tongan Branch
Add: 1011 Huancheng Xilu, Tongan District, Xiamen
Wal-Mart (沃尔玛)
World Trade Ctr. Branch
Add: World Trade Center, 878-888 Xiahe Lu, Xiamen
SM Mall Branch
Add: 468 Jiahe Lu, Huli District, Xiamen 
SOURCE: Charlene for WOX
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