Where to buy tea during your Xmas & New Year trip to Xiamen

Updated: 26 Nov 2010
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Learn and experience tea ceremony on your Christmas & New Year trip to Xiamen

Xiamen is an attractive tea shopping heaven to many tourists. As the tea distribution hub in Fujian, Xiamen has seen a tea business boom in recent years.

Tourists can easily combine a love for travel with a love for tea in Xiamen. Tea has become a popular souvenir drink for visitors in Xiamen, which presents the tea lover with embarras de richesses. Good tea leaves can be found just about anywhere in Xiamen. The challenge is, there are so many places to buy tea, but it's hard for a visitor to figure out a single place. WOX Food hereby collects 2 places where tea business is particularly booming and worth a visit.

Various types of tea are available in Xiamen market, including the celebrated and rare Da Hong Pao tea and Lapsang Souchong Tea from Wuyi Mountain, Anxi Ti Kuan Yin (Tieguanyin), Fuding White Tea and Tanyang Kung Fu black tea from Ningde.

Where to buy your tea

Most tea shops conduct tea ceremony to tempt you to taste tea, so that you can select the best flavour you enjoy. Despite their fuss in showing you the art of serving tea and technique of drinking tea, you can walk away without buying. Of course, this is provided that your intention to buy tea has to be genuine.

1. Hexiangxi Road 禾祥西路

- Mingteng Tea 茗腾茶叶
Add: Shop2-3, No.89, He Xiang Xi Er Road
Tel: 0592-2390806

- Huaxiangyuan Tea (Empereur Tea) 华祥苑茗茶
Add: No.783-785, Hexiangxi Road
Tel: 0592-2219005

- Eight Horses Tea 八马茶业
Add: 1F, Hua Qiao Hai Jing Cheng, Hexiangxi Road
Tel: 0592-5116345

- Oriental Wuyi Tea 东方武夷茶业
Add: #2, No.95, He Xiang Xi Er Road
Tel: 0592-2236906

- Richun Tea 日春茶业
Add: No.93, He Xiang Xi Er Road
Tel: 0592-2393933

- Zhongmin Weishi 中闽魏氏
Add: #3, Hua Qiao Hai Jing Cheng, No.93, He Xiang Xi Er Road
Tel: 0592-2392377

- Xiangxurong Tea 祥旭溶茶业
Add: No.95, He Xiang Xi Er Road
Tel: 0592-2689778

- Huipin's Tea 回品茗茶
Add: #6, No.96, He Xiang Xi Er Road
Tel: 0592-5098299

2. Zhongshan Road 中山路 

- Ten Fu's Tea 天福茗茶
Add1: No.54, Zhongshan Road
Tel: 0592-2022318
Add2: B101-6, No.268 (China Town 中华城), Zhongshan Road
Tel: 0592-2026966

- Yunxiang Tea 云香茶叶
Add: ‎No.58, Zhongshan Road
Tel: 0592-2113634

- Juxiangchun Tea 聚祥春茗茶
Add: No.56, Zhongshan Road
Tel: 0592-2045538

- Xiangfuchun Tea 祥福春茗茶
Add: No.50, Zhongshan Road
Tel: 0592-2984558

Fujian Kung Fu tea ceremony

Along with oolong tea itself, a popular method for brewing the tea also originates in Fujian province. The Fujian tea ceremony or Kung Fu tea ceremony (the gong fu method of brewing tea) is ideally suited to oolong tea. Kung Fu tea ceremony, literally "tea brewing with great skill", is a type of Chinese tea ceremony originally used to prepare oolong tea, though today any loose leaf may be used. A small tea pot and small cups are used to infuse the tea leaves multiple times. The tea pot is packed with full of tea leaves, and the brewing time is short.

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