Art treasure of Fujian - Yongchun lacquered baskets

Updated: 01 Jan 2011
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Yongchun lacquered baskets are painted bamboo baskets with black bases, red lattice, and golden edges. Sending forth an air of great antiquity, brilliance and solemnity, these traditional folk handcrafts have been the favor of Quanzhou folks ever since the Ming Dynasty. And at weddings, the lacquer basket is a necessary dowry. Winning great popularity home and abroad, Yongchun lacquered baskets have over 100 varieties and 4 categories, among which are compartment baskets, lattice baskets, elliptic baskets and patterned baskets.
It is believed that lacquer basket making began as early as the reign of Emperor Zhengde (1506-1521) of the Ming Dynasty. Over the past four centuries this craft has reached its present state of perfection, and there are now over 100 varieties and four categories of lacquer baskets. The small ones are mostly used for storing jewellery, while people in southern Fujian and overseas Chinese use them as dowry containers.
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